Kris Aquino: a casualty of Ninoy’s and Cory’s misguided poltical ambition


Kris Aquino is proof Cory should not have been and was not an effective President. Cory could not even raise her children well, what more run a country with millions of people? It should start at home. Cory failed at both – raising her children well and running a country.

Kris is a product of her upbringing. It’s obvious since she was a teenager that her mother could not control her. Cory practically gave up on her. She is a casualty of her parents being involved so deep in politics. They prioritised their ambitions over their children.

The Aquino brand of politics involved treachery and double crossing even their allies. This was why former Senator Enrile was compelled to launch a coup during Cory’s time. Cory was supposed to be temporary in her role, but she clung to power. Her former VP Laurel said so himself. Laurel even pointed out that the persistent and even worsened communist insurgency is a legacy of Cory Aquino’s rule.

We promised to ‘break the back’ of the insurgency. But what is the record? From 16,500 NPA regular when Marcos fell, the communists now claim an armed strength of 25,200, of which 2,500 are in Metro Manila. They have infiltrated not only the trade unions, the schools, the churches and the media but your government, above all, and now ‘affect’ 20 percent of the country’s 42,000 barangays, according to official statistics.

Worse of all, it seems Kris Aquino was even bragging about how her family is capable of killing anyone who crosses her. The anti-EJK yellows should be alarmed and outraged!

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