Why is former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos not in jail?

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is not in jail because “the Supreme Court’s Third Division denied for lack of merit the petition for certiorari filed in 2008 by the late Solicitor General Frank Chavez.”


“Petitioner having failed to establish the basis for this court to evaluate and review the facts in this case the petition may be dismissed on this ground,” read the 53-page decision written by Justice Marvic Leonen.


The other division members, Justices Presbitero Velasco Jr., Lucas Bersamin, Francis Jardeleza and Samuel Martires Jr., who is now the Ombudsman, all concurred in the ruling, which also castigated the prosecution for mishandling the case.

It is supposedly “common knowledge” that the Marcoses “plundered” the Philippines. This is according to the narrative of the Yellowtards and the broader circle of Martial Law Crybabies who blame the Philippines’ continued impoverished state on the “ills” of the “Martial Law Era”.

Perhaps the Yellowtards and Martial Law Crybabies just need better lawyers.

Yellowtards can dig up Marcos’s remains from the Libingan easy. Question is, what do they do NEXT?

Sure, why not? Go dig up former President Ferdinand Marcos’s remains from the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Before that, find out where exactly these remains will be placed. Will the Martial Law Crybabies drag his remains across EDSA for dramatic effect? Why not tar and feather these remains and string them up at the Rizal Monument for all to gawk at?

Just basing on the vitriol spewed by the Yellowtards on social media, it seems they are actually capable of doing all of this.

The conviction of former First Lady Imelda Marcos and the recent issuance of a warrant for her arrest is perfect opportunity for the Yellowtards and the broader community of Martial Law Crybabies to walk their talk.

While they are at it, perhaps they should also keep to Yellowtard tradition and organise a Catholic mass at the Loyola Centre (or whatever they call that dome at the Katipunan Road nowadays) to celebrate the political damnation of the Marcoses they have long awaited.

Filipinos are waiting for what the Yellowtards do next. First step is to walk the talk. Everyone is waiting.

Infantile thinking: Yellowtards like @JCPunongbayan slam newly-passed Human Settlements Department bill just because of its association to Imelda Marcos

The Philippine Senate today passed a new bill creating the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development. SB 1578 became law Monday, November 12, 2018.

Almost on queue, Yellowtards and Martial Law Crybabies are quick to point out the historical connection between this department and that of “The Marcos Regime”. Here is Yellowtard “economist” JC Punongbayan doing what he and his lot do best

By reviving a Marcosian brainchild, the present Congress seems to be making a most unwelcome and unpalatable throwback to the Marcos regime. #NeverForget

Why can’t the Yellowtards apply a prospective lens to the evaluation of developments like this rather than the bitter backward-oriented style of thinking they contribute? Is this historical association even relevant to an objective evaluation of the merits of this bill?

And we wonder why the Philippines did not progress after 30 years of domination of the poltical narrative by these bozos.

The Opposition’s call for Imelda Marcos’s imprisonment may not sit well with Filipinos’ deep reverence for the elderly

The Yellowtards seem baffled as to why there is scant live TV news coverage of anything to do with the recent conviction of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. They even compare her case to that of “senator” Antonio Trillanes saying that, in the case of Trillanes, there was abundant coverage of the developing story and cameras waiting at the scene for the police to pick him up.

Perhaps the thing that the Yellowtards fail to appreciate is that Filipinos remain, at heart, fundamentally respectful of elders. It is likely that the prospect of an elderly lady being hauled off in handcuffs much less put in prison does not sit well with the Filipino public.

The much-hyped bonfire held at the UP Diliman campus to celebrate the conviction of Imelda Marcos was a flop.
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Indeed, comparing Imelda to Trillanes, the earlier a senior citizen, the latter a young able-bodied former soldier is really not such a smart position to take. The Yellowtards need to see beyond their rather obsolete hate and take an objective perspective. More importantly, they should try to be better at reading the public sentiment.

According to Yellow “logic”, justice has been served under Duterte govt after Imelda’s conviction

Whether the Opposition loses or wins any of their advocacies, they still lose because of their irrational reasoning. Classic example is the news that former First Lady and congresswoman Imelda Marcos’s conviction. The Opposition’s claim that President Rodrigo Duterte is a dictator has been proven WRONG again.

If the Opposition say “justice has been served” after Imelda’s conviction, it will contradict their claim “there is no justice in the Philippines”. They also cannot justify going to the Int’l criminal court since they admit there is a functioning justice system in the country.

If we are to follow the yellow logic, we should blame the two Aquino Presidents who failed to convict Imelda and laud Duterte since it was during his term when the conviction of Imelda happened. After all, the yellows always grab credit for any court decision favourable to them.

Imelda Marcos convicted under Duterte admin after no less than TWO Aquino presidents delivered ZERO results

Former Philippine First Lady, currently reelectionist House Representative, Imelda Marcos has reportedly been convicted by the Sandiganbayan 5th Division today of “7 counts of graft for using her Cabinet position to maintain Swiss bank accounts during the Marcos regime.”

Marcos’ graft cases stemmed from complaints filed in 1991 when prosecutors alleged that the Marcos family channeled public funds into their personal accounts overseas.

This follows more than 30 years of an apparent inability of no less than two Aquino administrations — that of the late Cory Aquino from 1987 and that of her son Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III from 2010 to fast track this case. Over those years and presidencies, the murder of the late former Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr, was not solved nor any person of significant consequence convicted either.

This most recent achievement further highlights the truth about Philippine democracy and its justice system — that these are neither dying nor impotent respectively under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. It is an indictment of the perceptions of the Philippines as a failed state being spread by the Opposition over international media and in the initiatives they mount in international “courts” such as the International Criminal Court.