The Philippines’ health care system COLLAPSED under Yellowtard watch!

Yellowidiots don’t want to admit that they are responsible for the collapse of the healthcare system because they did nothing to build up capacity to cope with demand under their watch. Yet Boo Chanco writes

According to Sen. Ralph Recto, the share of health in the 2021 P1 trillion infrastructure pie is a measly “one percent”. Recto is right that it is “a kind of budget prioritization that turns a blind eye to the health facility shortages the pandemic has laid bare.”

Recto said the government’s Build Build Build blueprint should “accommodate changes” the pandemic has made urgent.

They don’t realize that subliminally, they make all of these suggestions under the administration because Duterte can get it done as proven by BBB, which they also describe as a failure. This again is proof that Yellowidiots are afflicted with narcissistic personality disorder because they don’t have principles. It is whatever works in their favor, never mind that the inconsistencies in their argument is glaring.

Notice also how they skirt criticism of their oligarch patrons. The NCR could’ve been a modern metropolis if only the Metro Manila Development Plan approved by former President Ferdinand Marcos was followed. Instead, what has been happening is unplanned real estate development with malls and mixed-use townships which only serve the A and B demographic. There is no in-community housing for the labor force as envisioned by then Metro Manila Governor Imelda Marcos with the medium-rise BLISS housing projects she put up.

What the pandemic has actually brought to fore and put focus on is the incompetence and greed of the Yellowidiots and the oligarchs who use them to get what they want. You have areas teeming with informal settlers who are coddled by leftist-militant groups as a trading card for election cycles for votes to sell to Mayors and other local officials running for office. If we really want to become progressive it’s time to make the Yellowidiots and Reds extinct come 2022.

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