Why is former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos not in jail?

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is not in jail because “the Supreme Court’s Third Division denied for lack of merit the petition for certiorari filed in 2008 by the late Solicitor General Frank Chavez.”


“Petitioner having failed to establish the basis for this court to evaluate and review the facts in this case the petition may be dismissed on this ground,” read the 53-page decision written by Justice Marvic Leonen.


The other division members, Justices Presbitero Velasco Jr., Lucas Bersamin, Francis Jardeleza and Samuel Martires Jr., who is now the Ombudsman, all concurred in the ruling, which also castigated the prosecution for mishandling the case.

It is supposedly “common knowledge” that the Marcoses “plundered” the Philippines. This is according to the narrative of the Yellowtards and the broader circle of Martial Law Crybabies who blame the Philippines’ continued impoverished state on the “ills” of the “Martial Law Era”.

Perhaps the Yellowtards and Martial Law Crybabies just need better lawyers.

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