According to Yellow “logic”, justice has been served under Duterte govt after Imelda’s conviction


Whether the Opposition loses or wins any of their advocacies, they still lose because of their irrational reasoning. Classic example is the news that former First Lady and congresswoman Imelda Marcos’s conviction. The Opposition’s claim that President Rodrigo Duterte is a dictator has been proven WRONG again.

If the Opposition say “justice has been served” after Imelda’s conviction, it will contradict their claim “there is no justice in the Philippines”. They also cannot justify going to the Int’l criminal court since they admit there is a functioning justice system in the country.

If we are to follow the yellow logic, we should blame the two Aquino Presidents who failed to convict Imelda and laud Duterte since it was during his term when the conviction of Imelda happened. After all, the yellows always grab credit for any court decision favourable to them.

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