The Opposition’s call for Imelda Marcos’s imprisonment may not sit well with Filipinos’ deep reverence for the elderly

The Yellowtards seem baffled as to why there is scant live TV news coverage of anything to do with the recent conviction of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. They even compare her case to that of “senator” Antonio Trillanes saying that, in the case of Trillanes, there was abundant coverage of the developing story and cameras waiting at the scene for the police to pick him up.

Perhaps the thing that the Yellowtards fail to appreciate is that Filipinos remain, at heart, fundamentally respectful of elders. It is likely that the prospect of an elderly lady being hauled off in handcuffs much less put in prison does not sit well with the Filipino public.

The much-hyped bonfire held at the UP Diliman campus to celebrate the conviction of Imelda Marcos was a flop.
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Indeed, comparing Imelda to Trillanes, the earlier a senior citizen, the latter a young able-bodied former soldier is really not such a smart position to take. The Yellowtards need to see beyond their rather obsolete hate and take an objective perspective. More importantly, they should try to be better at reading the public sentiment.

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