Infantile thinking: Yellowtards like @JCPunongbayan slam newly-passed Human Settlements Department bill just because of its association to Imelda Marcos

The Philippine Senate today passed a new bill creating the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development. SB 1578 became law Monday, November 12, 2018.

Almost on queue, Yellowtards and Martial Law Crybabies are quick to point out the historical connection between this department and that of “The Marcos Regime”. Here is Yellowtard “economist” JC Punongbayan doing what he and his lot do best

By reviving a Marcosian brainchild, the present Congress seems to be making a most unwelcome and unpalatable throwback to the Marcos regime. #NeverForget

Why can’t the Yellowtards apply a prospective lens to the evaluation of developments like this rather than the bitter backward-oriented style of thinking they contribute? Is this historical association even relevant to an objective evaluation of the merits of this bill?

And we wonder why the Philippines did not progress after 30 years of domination of the poltical narrative by these bozos.

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