Yellow Opposition keep wishing President Rodrigo Duterte would die


Here is proof that the pious and compassionate image some people try to project is all for show. Just look at how Netizen Mia Magdalena Longid celebrates Duterte’s demise prematurely.

Yellows hate Duterte but are the first ones to miss him even just a few days of not seeing him. They already assume he is either sick or lazy even though he just came back from China and was campaigning for his bets recently.

They were quick to use the photo of Duterte chilling out on his bed as proof that he is lazy. Never mind that the photo actually came from Duterte because they kept asking about his whereabouts. It’s as if Duterte is not entitled to rest even after a gruelling schedule.

We all know why the Yellows want Duterte dead. Because Leni Robredo is their “vice president”.

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