Opposition “not giving up fight”. But THAT is exactly why they are losing!


Ironic that the call amongst supporters of the Opposition in this last day before the polling booths open is to “continue the fight”. What flies way above their pointed heads, however, is the fact that it is this very notion of a “fight” that lost them an entire nation yet again to begin with.

Indeed, there is no longer any “fight” to be had. What lies ahead is a job Filipinos need to do together to build a strong nation.

The trouble with the Yellowtard-led Opposition is that they chose to mount a campaign premised on tearing down the Philippine government. This is a notion that has long been obsolete. The Philippines is now a mature democracy and is on a path towards sustained economic growth — if Filipinos work together.

The Yellowtards, however, prefer that the Philippines remain a deeply-divided society and be perpetually locked in a fight. Not surprising considering the word Laban, Tagalog for “fight”, is deeply-ingrained in their partisan identity.

It is, indeed, quite reassuring that Filipinos no longer buy into the Yellowtards’ horseshit and are set to express this continued protest against the status quo being propped up by the traditional oligarchs that bankroll the Yellowtards’ “fight”.

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