#OtsoDiretso FAILED Filipinos by being an UNINTELLIGENT Opposition


Just a couple of weeks to election day and it is clear that Congress will be dominated by legislators aligned with or at least sympathetic to the government of President Rodrigo Duterte. That’s not such a bad thing considering that the Opposition led by the Yellowtards has offered nothing new nor compelling to the Filipino people.

Indeed, this is exactly what doomed the Opposition. They campaigned on the back of negativity and offered no alternatives to the trajectory Duterte had set for his country. Instead, they continued to latch on to old relics of rhetoric past — tyranny scaring, Martial Law Crybabyism, and “human rights” emotional blackmail to cite a few intelligence-insulting buttons.

However, Filipinos need to be cautious of a political landscape characterised by the flaccid Opposition we see today. A limp and moronic Opposition is a sign of a sub-optimal democracy. This is because a truly healthy democracy is one where both incumbent and Opposition are up to par when it comes to tackling national issues of consequence.

Sadly this is not the case. Blame a current Opposition that lacks imagination and intelligence to deliver sound and thought-provoking alternatives to Filipinos. This year’s elections will long be noted as one where the Opposition camp has failed to step up and be a choice worthy of Filipinos’ serious consideration.

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