The Yellowtards’ Appeal to VICTIMHOOD campaign has FAILED them again!


Even in this final day before this year’s mid-term elections, the Opposition camp continues to follow a strategy that has consistently failed them in the last several years. They still try to convince Filipino voters that they are the underdogs in this race going up against powerful sinister, even “evil” forces.

But the truth couldn’t be further from what these liars claim. The truth is that the cards are all stacked up in favour of the Yellowtards. They have the Philippines’ mainstream corporate media at their beck and call. They have the foreign liberal media with no less than the New York Times itself singing off their hymn book. They have the powerful Roman Catholic Church shoving Yellowtard philosophy down Sunday Mass goers’ throats. And they have the countries’ toniest private schools ensuring members of their student bodies wear their Yellowtardism brightly on their sleeves.

What the Yellowtards don’t control are the communities of people who are the real victims of the very systems that the Yellowtard oligarchs would like to keep standing. Not surprisingly, these real victims are voting against those who merely PRETEND to be victims.

This is the reason why the Yellowtards have lost yet another important election — because they have failed to reach out to Filipinos who matter the most. These are ordinary Filipinos who are excluded from the Yellowtards’ gated communities and don’t speak their “woke” language. In short, the Yellowtards lost the election because they preferred exclusivity instead of being genuinely inclusive in their campaign.

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