According to the Yellowtard @MrFrankBaraan, Twitter users are smart “fact checkers” and Facebook users are stupid trolls!

In a recent tweet, the self-described “human rights activist” and “democracy advocate” issued his assessment of the intelligence of members of the two big social media platforms…

Not only is he calling Facebook users stupid, he is also accusing them of being paid hacks funded by Filipino taxpayers.

One wonders a very basic wonder… Does Frank Baraan IV have proof to back his assertions?

Perhaps Baraan fails to see the irony in his statements — words that have, themselves, not been subject to a proper fact check even by himself.

Interestingly enough, there continues a persistent mystery surrounding the possible involvement of his father, Francisco Baraan the Third, in the thriving drug trade in the Philippines. Indeed the questions continue to be asked… Was he really involved in drug trafficking at the New Bilibid Prisons?

Lots of disturbing questions surrounding former Undersecretary Francisco Baraan III remain unanswered to this day.

Considering a quaint cottage industry of so-called “fact checkers” has sprung up all over the Philippines’ social media scene, no facts have actually emerged to clarify this matter.

Has someone or someTHING taken over the Twitter account of Regine Velasquez (@reginevalcasid)??

Of late, following a tweet in response to Secretary Teddy Location that went viral, a strange deviation in the quality of the tweets of Filipino singer Regine Velasquez.

Note as follows…

First this

TRESPASS, ENCROACH, INFRINGE, INVADE mean to make inroads upon the property, territory, or rights of another. TRESPASS implies an unwarranted or unlawful intrusion. hunters trespassing on farmland ENCROACH suggests gradual or stealthy entrance upon another’s territory

Then this

or usurpation of another’s rights or possessions. the encroaching settlers displacing the native peoples INFRINGE implies an encroachment clearly violating a right or prerogative. infringing a copyright

And then this

INVADE implies a hostile and injurious entry into the territory or sphere of another. accused of invading their privacy

Hmmmm… “usurpation”, “infringement”, and “encroaching” among other big English words the sorts of which don’t normally form part of the vocabulary of “Asia’s Songbird” have suddenly started appearing on her timeline. Note too the complex and well-constructed sentence structure of the tweets, all in straight English.

Indeed, one wonders who or what is really behind the Twitter handle of Regine Velasquez — one that commands the attention of no less than 2.6 million followers.

The mystery persists.

How does an “influencer” like @ogie_rosa FOLLOW more than 16,000 users on Twitter over just a bit more than 2 years??

Rough calculation.. “Palanca winning writer” Ogie Rosa has been a Twitter user for about 2.3 years. That means he would have, on average, had to click on the “follow” button 20 times PER DAY! 😮

Twitter user Justin Dizon had this to say about these sorts of “influencers…

whenever an ~influencer~ randomly follows me on ig (kahit hindi ko naman sila finafollow), i just don’t reciprocate



@NYTphoto SUSPENDED after publishing photos of bodies following Dusit terrorist attack in Kenya

The photos Twitter account of the New York Times has been suspended for violation of Twitter community guidelines after publishing photos of bodies of victims of a suspected terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

NYT East Africa bureau chief Kumiko de Freytas-Tamura has since apologised for that lapse in editorial judgement.

Interestingly, publishing photos of dead bodies is also a common practice of Filipino “social news” site Rappler as evident in this report.

Perhaps Rappler too should be suspended on Twitter for violating its community rules.

The mystery of the Yellowtard @MiaMagdalena’s sudden disappearance from Twitter… #PABoost casualty?

Back a few days, I noted the sudden mysterious disappearance of a noted Yellowtard Twitter user who goes by the handle @MiaMagdalena.

This Twitter user is a member of an active mob of Yellowtard Twitter accounts renowned for their ferocious attacks against the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and their gang-bullying of Twitter users that dare challenge their assertions.

Her last tweets just before the disappearance of her Twitter account were part of an attack on TV personality James Deakin.

Turns out the person behind this Twitter account is Mia Magdalena F. Longid, the Registrar of chi chi ultra-elite Brent International School in Baguio City.

To quote an important excerpt from the message of said Registrar to the student body and, presumably, its extended community of parents and faculty members…

We strive to be a living International School Community, where young people from different nationalities, religions, and family backgrounds, educate one another by mutual understanding and respect, openness of mind in dialogue, acceptance of the uniqueness and limitations of each, and with growth in the spirit of service and in the practice of justice and charity.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all choked up reading this.

Twitter user @pinoymommy in hot water after inciting violence against Imee Marcos!

A certain Twitter user @pinoymommy recently got herself into a heap of trouble after she took to Twitter to express a desire to inflict harm on Ilocos Governor Imee Marcos after spotting her dining at a restaurant.

In a follow-up tweet, she remains unrepentant and asserts an adamamt position on her own sense of righteousness…

Sa mga nagreact about my Imee tweet accusing me of being violent: wala ng mas mas violent pa kesa sa mga taong nagnakaw ng pera ng bayan at nagpahirap sa mga tao.

Accusing me of that while supporting the Marcoses is the height of hypocrisy.

But, really, this is just a corollary to the pompous calls for “justice” these snowflakes infest their social media timelines with.

Being outraged about a “tyrannical” leader does not give one the right to invite violence against another person. One of her amigas even suggested getting a waiter to add rat poison to that person’s meal.

Trust Yellowtards to undermine their own advocacies by being such hypocritical snowflakes who believe they hold a monopoly on righteousness. This is the very attitude that lost them an entire country in 2016.

Will the REAL Joaquin Montes please stand up?

So far we are aware of two Joaquin Montes Twitter accounts. One was featured in a previous post and goes by the handle @joaquinmontesjr which issues this tweet among others.

The other is what a few Netizens are regarding as the real deal and that recently issued this gem

Which is the real one? Who is the real Joaquin Montes of bullying viral video fame?

It is important to know because Ateneans like regarding themselves as Ambassadors of Good English. None of these Twitter accounts seem to live up to that ideal and sound a lot more like a certain Yellowtard blogger that, interestingly enough, the Ateneo once endorsed.

Rappler is more a cult of personality than a true news organisation. Its Twitter profile proves it

The Twitter profile of @RapplerDotCom shows that it is more a cult of personality than a true news media organisation. What other news outlet banners an image of its CEO as part of its brand collateral?

What Rappler should really be doing is reporting the news, not lionising its CEO who stands accused for tax evasion.

If the team of Rapplerettes in its payroll are serious about delivering real journalism, they should uphold a culture of sober and level-headed focus on facts and the use of sound information to underpin their news reporting.