Kakie Pangilinan believes God gave Donald Trump COVID-19!

Trust an entitled child like Sharon Cuneta’s chi chi daughter Kakie Pangilinan to actually presume to know EXACTLY how the hand of God works. In a recent tweet, Pangilinan suggests that the President of the United States Donald Trump’s contracting of the coronavirus is something He had “done for others”. It is interesting that people […]

Kakie Pangilinan rearing for a fight with Mocha Uson on Twitter!

Apparently, would-be “woke activist” demigod Kakie Pangilinan is back in fighting form, this time rearin’ to take on no less than Mocha Uson herself on Twitter. Interestingly, this comes after Pangilinan announced she was “taking the break” from social media presumably to sort out her family affairs after her mother, Sharon “The Megastar” Cuneta, publicly […]

Yellowtards are frantically discrediting #OUSTLENI2020 because they believe hashtag “activism” actually works

When the hashtag #oustDuterte “trended” most Filipinos were merely bemused even as members of the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition were over the moon with joy. However, when the hashtag #OUSTLENI2020 took its turn hitting the Twitter “trending” list, the Yellowtards were aghast and scrambled to come to terms with it. Laughable to say the least. The […]

The hashtag #OUSTLENI2020 “trended” on Twitter but went unreported on mainstream media

When the Yellowtard hashtag #OustDuterte “trended” on Twitter, Mainstream Media outlets were quick to go to press. As of 9:30PM on Friday, #OustDuterte is the third trending topic in the Philippines. What are your thoughts on how the government is responding to the novel #coronavirus outbreak? pic.twitter.com/Yc6uH3dIqN — The Philippine Star (@PhilippineStar) January 31, 2020 […]

Rappler “curates” tweets to incite hatred for Senator Imee Marcos

Rappler has long been known for its sloppy and lazy journalism. They are the most consistent practitioners of “social media curation” as a means to harvest free content to populate their dishonest articles with. The most recent set of “curated tweets” published by Rappler is their report “‘Nakiki-angkas lang’: Imee Marcos’ presence at Angkas rally […]

Opposition “influencers” like @AltABSCBN tweeted UNVERIFIED info to stoke public outrage on #SEAGames2019

The weekend was marked by a frenzy of hearsay information exchanged by a bevy of Opposition “influencers” who, many observed, aimed to undermine Manila’s hosting of the Southeast Asian Games this year. One of the ringleaders of this lynch mob is the person behind the Twitter account @AltABSCBN who, this Saturday 23rd November, posted what […]

According to the Yellowtard @MrFrankBaraan, Twitter users are smart “fact checkers” and Facebook users are stupid trolls!

In a recent tweet, the self-described “human rights activist” and “democracy advocate” issued his assessment of the intelligence of members of the two big social media platforms… Not only is he calling Facebook users stupid, he is also accusing them of being paid hacks funded by Filipino taxpayers. One wonders a very basic wonder… Does […]

Has someone or someTHING taken over the Twitter account of Regine Velasquez (@reginevalcasid)??

Of late, following a tweet in response to Secretary Teddy Location that went viral, a strange deviation in the quality of the tweets of Filipino singer Regine Velasquez. Note as follows… First this… TRESPASS, ENCROACH, INFRINGE, INVADE mean to make inroads upon the property, territory, or rights of another. TRESPASS implies an unwarranted or unlawful […]

How does an “influencer” like @ogie_rosa FOLLOW more than 16,000 users on Twitter over just a bit more than 2 years??

Rough calculation.. “Palanca winning writer” Ogie Rosa has been a Twitter user for about 2.3 years. That means he would have, on average, had to click on the “follow” button 20 times PER DAY! 😮 Twitter user Justin Dizon had this to say about these sorts of “influencers… whenever an ~influencer~ randomly follows me on […]

@NYTphoto SUSPENDED after publishing photos of bodies following Dusit terrorist attack in Kenya

The photos Twitter account of the New York Times has been suspended for violation of Twitter community guidelines after publishing photos of bodies of victims of a suspected terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya. NYT East Africa bureau chief Kumiko de Freytas-Tamura has since apologised for that lapse in editorial judgement. Interestingly, publishing photos of dead […]