Yellowtards are frantically discrediting #OUSTLENI2020 because they believe hashtag “activism” actually works


When the hashtag #oustDuterte “trended” most Filipinos were merely bemused even as members of the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition were over the moon with joy. However, when the hashtag #OUSTLENI2020 took its turn hitting the Twitter “trending” list, the Yellowtards were aghast and scrambled to come to terms with it.

Laughable to say the least.

The irony that flies above the pointed heads of Yellowtards is that hashtag “activism” simply does not work. Back in 2019, a who’s-who of Yellowtard “thought leaders” and “influencers” basked in the glory of tweets that garnered thousands of retweets and likes. Unfortunately, none of that converted to actual votes in favour of their preferred candidates. As history would show, their main coalition bloc, the Otso Direteso mob suffered a catastrophic loss in the national elections that year.

You wonder then why the Yellowtards continue to be so hung up about “trending hashtags”.

Yellowtards and their “thought leaders” should get a grip. Hashtag “activism” is so 2010. It has proven to yield zero results where it matters — winning elections. The Opposition should really rethink the whole idea being led by a bunch of intellectual midgets like the Yellowtards. The simplest of history’s lessons seem to escape them.

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