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Kakie Pangilinan rearing for a fight with Mocha Uson on Twitter!

Apparently, would-be “woke activist” demigod Kakie Pangilinan is back in fighting form, this time rearin’ to take on no less than Mocha Uson herself on Twitter.

hold me back

Interestingly, this comes after Pangilinan announced she was “taking the break” from social media presumably to sort out her family affairs after her mother, Sharon “The Megastar” Cuneta, publicly expressed distress over the impact of her daughter’s online activities seemingly on her mental health.

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The way Pangilinan now postures on Twitter, it seems she assumes that her people are going to “hold [her] back” from a direct encounter with Uson. Interesting assumption. Nobody holds back anyone from a Twitter catfight. So, yeah, claws out girls while we pop the corn for the show!

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