Rappler “curates” tweets to incite hatred for Senator Imee Marcos

Rappler has long been known for its sloppy and lazy journalism. They are the most consistent practitioners of “social media curation” as a means to harvest free content to populate their dishonest articles with. The most recent set of “curated tweets” published by Rappler is their report “‘Nakiki-angkas lang’: Imee Marcos’ presence at Angkas rally infuriates netizens”.

First of all, the report is misleading. By asserting that Senator Marcos’s presence “infuriates netizens”, Rappler suggests that the tweets they sampled are representative of the entire population of Filipino “Netizens”. Nothing in the report substantiates this at all. Using a sample to conclude something about a population is a statistical field that requires one to go through a bit of mathematical rigour to quote a calculated quantitative confidence level with which one can back one’s claims.

More importantly, we see in this “report” just how much of a “decent” bunch of folks the Rapplerettes are. One of the tweets they featured makes fun of Senator Marcos’s physical features…

Wala namang “Angkas” sa probinsya. Ulol ka imee baba. Ang Angkas naman nagpapa-uto-uto! Bakit nyo sya binigyan ng plataporma? — Jus Dicere (Laurene II) (@RenHu2) December 22, 2019

(Link to original tweet here)

This exhibits just how dishonest and how inappropriate a “news media” organisation Rappler really is. Not only do they give “journalism” a bad name, they undermine the cause of the very partisan bloc they seek to support.

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