Leni Robredo incites to sedition whenever she publicly undermines President Duterte

Current Philippine “Vice President” Leni Robredo is quite often in the news criticising President Rodrigo Duterte. People who support Duterte can’t get past the fact that all she does is criticise him.

“Robredo questions this and that”.

“Robredo recommends this and that”.

“Robredo criticises govt policy on this and that”.

Robredo is telling everyone she can do a better job than the President. Her lack of delicadeza is always on display. She has no sense of propriety!

Have you ever heard of any Vice President or second-in-command who routinely questions the decisions of the President or leader in public? It only happens in the Philippines and is only because Leni Robredo is too dense to realise she shouldn’t be undermining the President. What Leni is doing is called sedition.

Article 142 of the Revised Penal Code states…

Inciting to Sedition. – The penalty of prision correctional in its maximum period and a fine not exceeding 2,000 pesos shall be imposed upon any person who, without taking any direct part in the crime of sedition, should incite others to the accomplishment of any of the acts which constitute sedition, by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, cartoons, banners, or other representations tending to the same end, or upon any person or persons who shall utter seditious words or speeches, write, publish, or circulate scurrilous libels against the Republic of the Philippines…

Just recall how Robredo, in a video addressed to the UN in 2017 made so many unfair and unfounded remarks about the Philippines government — her own government that she is a part of!

Even without the testimony of “Bikoy” or any other so-called whistleblower, clearly there are grounds to accuse Robredo of seditious acts.

The Opposition seek to DISRUPT rather than contribute to Philippine democracy

Today’s Opposition like using the term “playbook” — as in, “this series of events follows Marcosian Martial Law playbook” or some such drivel. Interestingly enough, the only real “playbook” emerging in recent years is the pattern of seditious activity key elements in the Opposition are engaging in. Someone tweeted today that there is a big difference between opposition and disruption. Today’s Opposition do not exhibit any genuine interest in solving the Philippines’ problems. The only agenda they seem to be working toward is their manic intent to seize power by all means. They seek to disrupt not just the Philippine government but Philippine society as a whole — intent on fomenting the chaos that breeds opportunity to achieve their singular ends.

That’s not being the sort of genuine Opposition Filipinos deserve. That’s just being a pain in the ass.

The only thing the Opposition are lacking that was a key feature of the sort of sedition they were engaged in back in the 1970s is the use of a “Mosquito Press”. In contrast to those days, today’s Opposition have, at their disposal, no less than the Philippines’ biggest Corporate Media conglomerates. As such, it is quite baffling that, despite access to the vast resources of these organisations, they continue to fail misrably at the public relations game. Despite all of the advantages they enjoy, they suffered a catastrophic loss in this year’s elections.

Step back far enough from the noise on the ground and one will find that there is nothing about Philippine democracy to worry about. It is as vibrant and sound as ever and Filipinos are fully engaged and participating in it. It seems, the only beef the Opposition have with it is that they are not winning in it legitimately. So much the same way as a brat losing in a chess game would flip the board over in a fit to end it, the Opposition are bent on upending democracy in order to win their way.

The @WashingtonPost “Editorial Board” is calling for US President Donald Trump to intervene in the Philippines

It seems the “Editorial Board” of the chi chi Washington Post is calling on United States president Donald Trump to intervene into what it describes as “the Philippines’ slide toward authoritarianism”.

It’s time for the Trump administration to adopt a new approach toward Mr. Duterte. A good first step would be to demand that the charges against Ms. Robredo and other opposition leaders be dropped.

Much of the “facts” it cites to back its position remain hopelessly debatable, however…

Since his election in 2016, Mr. Duterte’s so-called war on drugs has killed more than 6,600 narcotic users and dealers. Activists estimate that more than 27,000 mainly low-income and marginalized individuals have also been caught in the crossfire. Only one of the murders has resulted in the conviction of the police officers at fault. Now, for criticizing this shocking record, Ms. Robredo and other critics may face criminal prosecution.

All sound familiar? That is because these are all snippets of the prescribed campaign mantra of the current Philippine Opposition — the very fodder for an electoral bid that resulted in a catastrophic loss for its entire eight-candidate coalition this year.

This also presents a conundrum to the snowflakes that lead the Philippines’ “liberal” Opposition camps. Embrace Trump’s support if he decides to heed the Post’s call? Perhaps anything will do as long as it contributes to their end goal — to fast track their bid for a re-taking of Imperial Manila’s halls of power from Mindanao’s Dark Horse.

Ateneo de Manila implicated by “Bikoy” in Duterte ouster plot!!

Star whistleblower Peter Joemel Advincula, a.k.a. “Bikoy” flagged officials of chi chi Jesuit school Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) as possible accomplices in alleged ouster plots against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

In his sworn statement to the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), Advincula reportedly related how he had access to key ADMU facilities presumably at the time the plot was being hatched…

The 30-year-old ex-convict said he still had the keys to Bahay Dagani in Ateneo de Manila Residence and a house in Dela Costa Homes in Marikina City, and the access card to a unit in The Grove Residences in Pasig City where he was given sanctuary by the Jesuit priests and opposition supporters.

Advincula also cited as evidence text messages with a certain “Fr. Albert Alejo of Ateneo de Manila University.” A statement released by Alejo on the website Philippine Jesuits was rich in citing his academic credentials but was utterly lacking in any information or arguments to support his supposed denial of any involvement in said ouster plot. Indeed, scratch that last one, Alejo’s statement did not mention any explicit denial of involvement at all!

Advincula, as part of his sworn statement also mentioned the use of the Jesuit Residence at the Loyola Heights campus of the ADMU as venue for a meeting where he “claimed that [Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan and former head of the CBCP] was present”.

At what level of the ADMU management hierarchy does the endorsement of an illegal change in leadership begin? The fact of Advincula’s attest to such astounding access to ADMU facilities begs a deeper investigation into the matter.

It is Leni Robredo’s 2017 UN video — not “Bikoy” — that CRUSHED the Philippine Opposition

The Philippines’ Yellowtard-led Opposition continue to whine about their troubles and go on a blaming rampage rather than compete for success. Despite the error in their previous “Bikoy” viral video stunt, they continue to harp about the consequences they now feel following the failure of that dishonest initiative.

No less than the Inquirer editor elaborates on this idiotic position today…

Authorities had an interesting reaction to the videos’ allegations. Instead of investigating the veracity of Bikoy’s claims, law enforcement set about seeking to unmask the hooded figure…

When will these Yellowtard “thought leaders” get it into their heads that the police cannot simply act on the dubious information presented in a set of sketchy YouTube videos!

Perhaps then if they prefer to see things that way, we should look back to 2017 when their supposed “leader”, Leni Robredo, so-called “vice president” of the Philippines, released a far more official video where she aired — in front of delegates of the United Nations, no less — far more astounding slanderous lies about her own country.

Click here to view video.

Why not investigate that?

Perhaps to shore up their credibility, the Philippine Opposition need to rethink their irrational loyalty and deference to the Yellowtards. It’s time they join the rest of us in the 21st Century and turn their backs on that primitive victimhood-stoking ideology.

Recall Leni Robredo’s treasonous 2017 video address to the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Recall the message “vice president” Leni Robredo delivered by recorded video to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs back in March 2017 at the Vienna Convention Centre.

In this video, Robredo, with a smirk on her face, sought to invite foreign intervention into what she suggested is an unjust “war” being waged by the government of President Rodrigo Duterte against the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines.

(Above video can also be viewed on Facebook.)

That no less than the supposed “vice president” of the Philippines, the second highest official of the executive branch of its government, would suggest before an international conference that her own government is engaged in criminal activity is absolutely awful.

Much of what Robredo said in this video was at the time and even now, unverified information and could even be flat out lies.

Filipinos should not forget how their own “vice president” slandered their country and their government before this UN body.

Leni Robredo must pay the price if found guilty of sedition!

As expected, supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo are dismissing the recent charges of sedition against her as mere “harassment”. A group called “Team Philippines” are even mounting a petition to the Department of Justice to drop the charges.

It seems these people feel sorry for Robredo because she looks like a damsel in distress or they want her to be given special treatment because she is a woman. This is not good for advocates of gender equality. They should be reminded of the persecution former Vice President Jejomar Binay experienced.

Indeed, one of the biggest sins of Leni and the Opposition is being too loyal to the members of the Philippine oligarchy instead of to the people. They prioritise their own interests, not the public’s.

Nonetheless, Robredo does not need protection because the law is there to protect innocent people. If there is no proof against her, the case will not even reach the court and will be dismissed. But unfortunately for her, if the prosecutors prove that she was part of the group who employed Bikoy then she needs to pay the price of her offenses and go to jail.

Even if the Yellowtards lost the elections, they still need to be crushed

The Yellowtards are a defeated force for now. For now. They continue to be a cancer in Philippine society and their legacy of snowflake politics still infests the Philippines’ top schools and universities.

It is therefore important that they be crushed. The other day, I featured a lament issued by Senator Kiko Pangilinan, leader of the Yellowtards, which I translated to English…

The [2019] elections are already finished. You [administration bets] already won big time, right? So why go after and try to jail us [in the Opposition] who did not succeed in that election as well as those who supported us? Even priests and bishops involved were not cut a bit of slack.

The article where I first featured the above made a point about Pangilinan’s missing the whole point — that losing an election does not exempt one from criminal prosecution.

Now I take on board what he says — that perhaps there is merit in what he believes the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is doing — possibly taking measures to crush the Opposition.

To that I say: Why not?

The Yellowtards would do the same if they were in that position. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes the late former President Cory Aquino made was to let her former nemeses back in and allow them to roam the political landscape scott free. This is something today’s Martial Law Crybabies wail about.

Someone needs to remind Pangilinan also that the Liberal Party detained Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and Juan Ponce Enrile even before the 2016 elections just because they were a threat to Mar Roxas’s Presidential ambition.

An entire Opposition bloc captured in living colour attending the wedding of a liar!

Like how one would cure cancer, the approach to dealing with the Yellowtard Problem in the Philippines should not stop short of total political annihilation. Just like how cigarette smokers had gone from cool to fool, Yellowtardism needs to be reduced to a quaint historical curiosity. Only a sweeping cultural revolution can achieve that — one that turns Filipinos from whiney brats addicted to their victimhood back to real achievers.

Indeed, Senator Pangilinan. The Yellowtards may have lost the elections. But they aren’t beaten, and the need to crush them must persist.

No, @KikoPangilinan. It’s not about who won the elections. It’s about who committed a CRIME

It seems Senator Kiko Pangilinan misses the whole point about what the Law is all about. In a recent tweet, Pangilinan argues that the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should desist from pursuing sedition charges against his pals because they already lost the elections!

Here is the tweet translated to English…

“The [2019] elections are already finished. You [administration bets] already won big time, right? So why go after and try to jail us [in the Opposition] who did not succeed in that election as well as those who supported us? Even priests and bishops involved were not cut a bit of slack.”

Seriously Senator Pangilinan? An officer of the law — a legislator, no less — appealing to the government for exemption from the teeth of the law because the accused lost an election?

Kiko Pangilinan, a Philippine senator, lost the plot!

See, the election has nothing to do with the sedition charges being filed against “vice president” Leni Robredo, those clergymen, and their alleged cohorts. This is about what is being alleged they had done in violation of Philippine law.

Pangilinan should be setting a better example to his countrymen. He should turn his back to these old nefarious habits that had made Filipinos renowned for being laid back about law enforcement. He should respect the law and not try to work around it by using such superfluous appeals.