The Yellowtards are making #OustDuterte “trend” because they are incapable of winning an HONEST election


They’re at it again — evidence that they have not learned from history’s lessons that had showed them that “ousting” elected leaders Yellowtard style through a “people power revolution” had long ago become the sad punchline of a lame joke. As if making a quaint hashtag “trend” actually moves power in the Philippines.

The data shows that it doesn’t. Back in 2019, Yellowtard tweets garnered tens of thousands of “likes” and retweets. Despite all that show of inbred popularity, the primary Opposition bloc, the so-called Otso Diretso coalition of eight Yellowtard politicians suffered a catastrophic loss.

Opposition “thought leaders” should have learned by now that making pronouncements they are inherently incapable of backing with results only sets them up to look like fools.

A new narrative is needed to replace the idiotic “hero”-infested fairy tale told by Yellow propagandists over the last several decades. The new story should appeal to intelligence rather than emotion. Filipinos deserve better than the Yellowtards.

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