It is Leni Robredo’s 2017 UN video — not “Bikoy” — that CRUSHED the Philippine Opposition

The Philippines’ Yellowtard-led Opposition continue to whine about their troubles and go on a blaming rampage rather than compete for success. Despite the error in their previous “Bikoy” viral video stunt, they continue to harp about the consequences they now feel following the failure of that dishonest initiative.

No less than the Inquirer editor elaborates on this idiotic position today…

Authorities had an interesting reaction to the videos’ allegations. Instead of investigating the veracity of Bikoy’s claims, law enforcement set about seeking to unmask the hooded figure…

When will these Yellowtard “thought leaders” get it into their heads that the police cannot simply act on the dubious information presented in a set of sketchy YouTube videos!

Perhaps then if they prefer to see things that way, we should look back to 2017 when their supposed “leader”, Leni Robredo, so-called “vice president” of the Philippines, released a far more official video where she aired — in front of delegates of the United Nations, no less — far more astounding slanderous lies about her own country.

Click here to view video.

Why not investigate that?

Perhaps to shore up their credibility, the Philippine Opposition need to rethink their irrational loyalty and deference to the Yellowtards. It’s time they join the rest of us in the 21st Century and turn their backs on that primitive victimhood-stoking ideology.

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