The Opposition seek to DISRUPT rather than contribute to Philippine democracy


Today’s Opposition like using the term “playbook” — as in, “this series of events follows Marcosian Martial Law playbook” or some such drivel. Interestingly enough, the only real “playbook” emerging in recent years is the pattern of seditious activity key elements in the Opposition are engaging in. Someone tweeted today that there is a big difference between opposition and disruption. Today’s Opposition do not exhibit any genuine interest in solving the Philippines’ problems. The only agenda they seem to be working toward is their manic intent to seize power by all means. They seek to disrupt not just the Philippine government but Philippine society as a whole — intent on fomenting the chaos that breeds opportunity to achieve their singular ends.

That’s not being the sort of genuine Opposition Filipinos deserve. That’s just being a pain in the ass.

The only thing the Opposition are lacking that was a key feature of the sort of sedition they were engaged in back in the 1970s is the use of a “Mosquito Press”. In contrast to those days, today’s Opposition have, at their disposal, no less than the Philippines’ biggest Corporate Media conglomerates. As such, it is quite baffling that, despite access to the vast resources of these organisations, they continue to fail misrably at the public relations game. Despite all of the advantages they enjoy, they suffered a catastrophic loss in this year’s elections.

Step back far enough from the noise on the ground and one will find that there is nothing about Philippine democracy to worry about. It is as vibrant and sound as ever and Filipinos are fully engaged and participating in it. It seems, the only beef the Opposition have with it is that they are not winning in it legitimately. So much the same way as a brat losing in a chess game would flip the board over in a fit to end it, the Opposition are bent on upending democracy in order to win their way.

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