Is Leni Robredo trying to create her own personal alt-government?

What is “vice president” Leni Robredo trying to do exactly? She is fielding her own public transport network, giving her own passive-aggressive press releases that deliberately contradict the president’s position on state matters, presumes to operate her own social services team, and encourages her own seditious cult-following.

It seems that Robredo is trying to set up her own government.

What does this mean?

Creation of a parallel government is a strategy often employed by a rival political bloc that seeks to overthrow a legitimate government by progressively eroding its authority. Robredo’s actions since the start of her stint as presumptive “vice president” are consistent with this seeming intent. Even as her rabid followers profess their loyalty to her person, Robredo, rather than discourage this in deference to President Rodrigo Duterte, has encouraged it.

As a professional public servant, Robredo should exhibit the grace to acknowledge her place in the Duterte government. Unfortunately for Filipinos, Robredo has taken deliberate steps to undermine her own government. This is not only unprofessional, it is dishonest conduct unbecoming of a Philippine Vice President.

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