The Opposition #OustDuterte movement to exploit the #coronavirus outbreak failed yet again

The Opposition is trying to have another go at this #OustDuterte advocacy of theirs. Every issue whether it is a natural calamity like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions or this latest coronavirus outbreak is, for them, an opportunity to pin the blame on current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte just to rile up the public. They never […]

The Yellowtards are making #OustDuterte “trend” because they are incapable of winning an HONEST election

They’re at it again — evidence that they have not learned from history’s lessons that had showed them that “ousting” elected leaders Yellowtard style through a “people power revolution” had long ago become the sad punchline of a lame joke. As if making a quaint hashtag “trend” actually moves power in the Philippines. #OustDuterte as […]

Kiko Pangilinan suggests that Filipinos break the law by ousting Duterte through “people power”

On the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Philippines’ Liberal Party, Senator Kiko Pangilinan appealed to the Filipino public to overthrow the government. The lawmaker seems to be forgetting that, as an officer of the legislature, he is asking Filipinos to violate the law. How else would one interpret Pangilinan when he says “there […]

Ellen Tordesillas: Rabid supporter and mouthpiece of Trillanes

The fact is, “fact-checker” Ellen Tordesillas has been a supporter and ally of Senator Antonio Trillanes for decades. She campaigned for his release when he was still in jail for his crime against the Filipino people. She also uses her website to promote his advocacies and propaganda against his enemies. Been blogging since 2009. I […]

Rapists are put on a Sex Offender Register. Trillanes should be put on a Democracy Offender Register

The way the Yellowtards are painting the narrative of the arrest of mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes, you’d think he his some sort of Joan of Arc on whose heroic deeds the Philippines will be rescued from its collapse. That’s a fantastic proposition that appeals to the hormonally-imbalanced minds of these “activists”. If they actually took the […]

Still to come: Warrant for NON-BAILABLE offense related to Trillanes’s Oakwood Mutiny! Stay tuned!

Journalist Ina Reformina reports… The rebellion case (over 2007 Manila Peninsula siege) vs Sen. Trillanes before the Makati City RTC Br. 150 is bailable… An arrest warrant had already been issued for the above and Trillanes has since been brought to police custody. However , this one is the real rocket waiting to be lit […]

Only a JUDGE can rule on whether what Trillanes did was right or wrong

Having their cake and eating it too. The Yellowtards want it all. Many of their “activists” are now defending the embattled mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes on the basis of what they unilaterally declared a “patriotic duty” to “resist the corruption and bankruptcy of the Arroyo government”. That is just wrong and illegal at many levels. First […]

Trillanes’s arrest proves that democracy is NOT DEAD but is busy at work SERVING the Filipino people

Yellowtards should get over their shrill screeching fits and take stock of the real situation outside of their little echo chambers. Democracy is not “dead” as they would like all Filipinos to believe. One thing the arrest of Trillanes proves is that democracy is alive and kicking ass. The way things are going, it is […]

A call to #StandWithTrillanes is a call to DISRESPECT the law and the Philippines’ justice system

Yellowtards are busy raising issues that they deem “more important” than arresting mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes. The argument is that there are other things worth the president’s time. But, really, Trillanes is facing serious charges — no less than the offense of using military resources in an attempt to overthrow a legitimate civilian government. So what […]

Will Trillanes keep his word and honour the ARREST WARRANT issued by the Makati RTC Br 150? Abangan!

Recall a while back, this is what mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes reportedly said… In a Rappler Talk interview on Friday, September 14, Trillanes was asked: “Will you surrender like what Senator Leila de Lima did or magpapahabol ka sa kanila (will you let authorities run after you)?” “No, I will surrender, submit myself. I decided to […]