Trillanes’s arrest proves that democracy is NOT DEAD but is busy at work SERVING the Filipino people

Yellowtards should get over their shrill screeching fits and take stock of the real situation outside of their little echo chambers. Democracy is not “dead” as they would like all Filipinos to believe. One thing the arrest of Trillanes proves is that democracy is alive and kicking ass.

The way things are going, it is only right that Antonio Trillanes’s ass be rendered a bright shade of red after all the kicking it will be getting in the coming days. For one thing, the mutineer-turned-senator has been using the Senate premises as his personal hotel suite. Not a bad deal for a service paid for by Filipino taxpayers. It’s time he move to more permanent accomodation — perhaps one where he can really prove what a big “hero” he really is.

After all, Trillanes deliberately and consciously broke the law. And he broke a really big one — using military resources to threaten a legitimate civilian government. He actually sought to DESTROY an entire Philippine government. Wow! And to think the Yellowtards are such big shills when it comes to whining about the “evil” ways of the Philippine military establishment.

Good thing Philippine democracy is ALIVE and at the service of the Filipino people. The Yellowtards prefer to believe it is dead — perhaps because their agenda as a political bloc really does not involve serving Filipinos nor serving their country.

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