A call to #StandWithTrillanes is a call to DISRESPECT the law and the Philippines’ justice system

Yellowtards are busy raising issues that they deem “more important” than arresting mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes. The argument is that there are other things worth the president’s time. But, really, Trillanes is facing serious charges — no less than the offense of using military resources in an attempt to overthrow a legitimate civilian government.

So what do the Yellowtards do? They issue a call to “Stand with Trillanes”.

But what exactly does “standing with” Trillanes mean?

Certainly there is no notion of doing this within the framework of the law as it is quite clear that due process had been followed in evaluating Trillanes’s case and issuing this arrest warrant. Unless Trillanes’s fans can find a legal argument against what is about to happen to Trillanes, there really is no sensible ground to stand on and certainly not one involving standing “with” Trillanes.

The Yellowtards really shouldn’t worry as they supposedly have, as they like to keep pointing out, the most prayerful legal minds at their disposal. How can prayerful lawyers lose a case, right? No less than God is on their side.

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