Only a JUDGE can rule on whether what Trillanes did was right or wrong


Having their cake and eating it too. The Yellowtards want it all. Many of their “activists” are now defending the embattled mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes on the basis of what they unilaterally declared a “patriotic duty” to “resist the corruption and bankruptcy of the Arroyo government”.

That is just wrong and illegal at many levels. First of all, governments that have done bad — or good for that matter — are judged by Filipino voters in an exercise called, guess what: elections. It was not up to Trillanes to decide that. He, in effect, attempted to steal that right from Filipino voters when he launched his military adventurism in the early- to mid-2000s.

Second, it is not up to Yellowtard activists to determine whether what Trillanes did was wrong or right. That is for a judge to decide. It seems the Yellowtards have their pointed heads so far up their asses that they cannot seem to see beyond their perverse and borderline criminal sense of entitlement.

Indeed, if there is anyone who is killing Philippine democracy, it is the Yellowtards. Their idea of selective democracy is dangerous and anathema to the stability Filipinos need in order to prosper.

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