I requested Inquirer editor @jnery_newsstand to comment on the @PinoyAkoBlog #PABoostNga circus, but he couldn’t be bothered to respond

I found it kind of strange that the retired Editor-in-Chief of the venerable Philippine Daily Inquirer would issue a public greeting to Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio referring to her coming wedding knowing full well that a public tweet is fair game for anyone to respond to.

So I thought I’d do just that and respond to it in the form of what I thought was a reasonable enough question

I was shocked that I didn’t get a response! I guess I know now how a reporter feels when writing a story and offering the subject of that story the opportunity to comment on the angle being explored and getting no response. Quite funny that the erstwhile editor of the illustrious Inquirer finds himself doing exactly what frustrates practitioners of his esteemed profession.

I’m not worthy of course. Jover Laurio, after all, was crowned 2017’s Filipino of the Year by Nery himself. So I don’t really blame him for being partial to his own creation.

Php18,000 spent to fund @PinoyAkoBlog ATTACK on James Deakin!

The latest leaked screenshots from behind the Yellow Curtain reveal that an astounding 18,000 pesos was spent on a Pinoy Ako Blog Facebook campaign to attack James Deakin!

The attack was likely so ferocious and the results of the funded campaign so effective that Deakin was forced to apologise to — surprise, surprise — none other than the Crazy Rich one herself

MANILA, Philippines – Automotive journalist and host James Deakin apologized to Kris Aquino for his handling of a controversy in which Deakin and politician Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr were featured in a video together.

Money well-spent (possibly by the Crazy Rich lady) it seems.

More info emerging on @PinoyAkoBlog writer Jover Laurio’s disturbing familarity with Opposition politicians

As if it weren’t enough that strong evidence has emerged that Facebook boosts of articles published on Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog are funded by the “Crazy Rich Asian” herself, more leaks from behind the Yellow curtain continue to flood social media. Presumably we have to thank the spectacular falling out between the Crazy Rich one and her business manager, Nicko Falcis for all these revelations.

The most recent artefact making the rounds is a list of names gracing a certain event happening in January this year. This is a list of people that could easily be collectively categorised under a single political label. This constitutes further evidence that certain bloggers can no longer be regarded as objective purveyors of political “insight”. A certain line has been crossed as evidenced by this list of names. Past this line, one will have lost all ascendancy as a source of reliable and balanced political punditry.

If, say, Jover Laurio has crossed this line, what happens next? Indeed, her blog Pinoy Ako is so presumptuously-named that one would assume that she aspires to represent the interests of all Filipinos in what she writes. What happens next if, indeed, she is now irrevocably linked by familiarity and by certain sacramental stipulations to some of the subjects of her writing (and adversaries of these subjects), is that Laurio should change her blog title to something that is more consistent with her true — and, now, proven — political affiliation. Yellowtard Ako, perhaps? The crowd will ultimately decide.

Jover Laurio’s supporters could be SHOCKED by revelations that Facebook #PABoost is behind @PinoyAkoBlog popularity!

It seems Jover Laurio’s fellow yellows are not coming to her defense. That’s probably because they are also shocked to find out that the popularity of her blogs is courtesy of her sponsor Kris Aquino. They were not aware her posts were being boosted on Facebook. The popularity wasn’t organic.

Jover’s credibility is gone and the timing is perfect for the mid-term elections. No politician who is for re-election in their right mind would “sponsor” her now.

2019 is already memorable. It is the year Jover went down in flames. I already predicted her demise before. She’s just a mascot for the yellows. Her very own business manager ratted her out. Goes to show she’s a rotten person deep inside.

Jover should just go into hiding like Cocoy Dayao. It’s best for her to lay low. She’s a menace to herself and the Filipino people.

Aftermath of #PABoost Scandal: Jover Laurio a.k.a. @PinoyAkoBlog is TOAST!

Jover Laurio just admitted that her blogs got more exposure because these got boosted by Facebook after her sponsors paid her. Her popularity is fake just like the contents of her blogs are fake.

But some people didn’t realise that the editors of the Inquirer were one of the first to give Jover a boost. She has done nothing significant to help the Filipino public, but it was enough for them that she criticises Duterte and made her 2017 “Filipino of the Year”. What a disgrace!

Jover’s first mistake was pissing us off when she tried to reveal private information about us. Her second mistake was in playing the victim card and being a hypocrite. She’ll soon realise she pissed off the wrong people.

All of a sudden Jover thinks there is nothing wrong with paying to boost her posts. Well, why wasn’t she transparent about it from the start and why did she keep accusing other bloggers of being paid when she is the one being sponsored? Yes, this proves her blogs were sponsored.

Hey Jover! Now there is proof you are being sponsored, you have to stop accusing others of being sponsored unless you have proof. Resibo nga, diba?

Alleged leaked screenshots reveal possible funding of @PinoyAkoBlog by Kris Aquino Inc!

What appear to be screenshots of Facebook Messenger chats between Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio and Nicko Falcis have emerged. The conversations supposedly between Laurio and Falcis seem to involve instructions and confirmation to “boost” (pay Facebook for extra exposure on users’ timelines) Laurio’s articles published on her site Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB).

The screenshots were made public on Sass Rogando Sasot’s Facebook page For the Motherland starting with this one

Sasot further reveals that each boost costs Php3000…

…and that “Nicko” supplies Laurio with credit cards used to fund these Facebook boosts…

Nicko Falcis is an entrepreneur and is credited with the establishment of TV personality Kris Aquino as a major “digital star” as managing director of Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP). Falcis has since had a falling out with Aquino after the latter filed a “qualified theft” complaint against him in October 2018.

According to a statement released by his brother, lawyer Jesus Falcis, Nicko remains in the US and has yet to answer the charges. The falling out, according to Jesus, was likely a result of demands being made by Aquino that went beyond what Nicko was able to physically deliver. See the full video of the statement delivered by Jesus Falcis here.