More info emerging on @PinoyAkoBlog writer Jover Laurio’s disturbing familarity with Opposition politicians


As if it weren’t enough that strong evidence has emerged that Facebook boosts of articles published on Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog are funded by the “Crazy Rich Asian” herself, more leaks from behind the Yellow curtain continue to flood social media. Presumably we have to thank the spectacular falling out between the Crazy Rich one and her business manager, Nicko Falcis for all these revelations.

The most recent artefact making the rounds is a list of names gracing a certain event happening in January this year. This is a list of people that could easily be collectively categorised under a single political label. This constitutes further evidence that certain bloggers can no longer be regarded as objective purveyors of political “insight”. A certain line has been crossed as evidenced by this list of names. Past this line, one will have lost all ascendancy as a source of reliable and balanced political punditry.

If, say, Jover Laurio has crossed this line, what happens next? Indeed, her blog Pinoy Ako is so presumptuously-named that one would assume that she aspires to represent the interests of all Filipinos in what she writes. What happens next if, indeed, she is now irrevocably linked by familiarity and by certain sacramental stipulations to some of the subjects of her writing (and adversaries of these subjects), is that Laurio should change her blog title to something that is more consistent with her true — and, now, proven — political affiliation. Yellowtard Ako, perhaps? The crowd will ultimately decide.

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