Jover Laurio’s #PABoostNga victim James Deakin (@jdeakin72) urges media to call out @PinoyAkoBlog dishonesty!


Motoring TV personality and blogger James Deakin who was a victim of a vicious online attack by Jover Laurio is calling on mainstream media to rectify damage done to his reputation. In the Facebook post where he made the call, Deakin even hinted that there is enough material for a proper lawsuit against Laurio…

But morally bankrupt bloggers aside (my lawyer can have fun with her) what I would like to know, however, is why the mainstream media—who were so quick to legitimize the troll attack by publishing stories back then when there was actually no story to write (they just rode off the artificial buzz generated by the funded attack and leaped in to get some hits) are now silent now that there is actual hard evidence, receipts and a confession that show it was all one big sham. A paid hit. A funded defamation campaign.

Weeks have passed since revelations surfaced that Laurio had used at least 18,000 in funding possibly from no less than Kris Aquino herself, Queen of All Philippine Media and the Crazy Rich One embodied, to boost links to articles attacking Deakin published on her Pinoy Ako Blog. However, substantial coverage of this case has yet to come out from mainstream news media.

People in the “journalism” industry need to own up to their being willing accomplices in this appalling unfair demonization campaign driven by dishonest people!

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