Jover Laurio not being TRANSPARENT about Kris Aquino’s funding of @PinoyAkoBlog is dishonest!

What’s wrong with accepting funding? Accepting funding is not “evil”. What is wrong with what Jover Laurio did was she was not transparent about it. She should have informed her readers that her blogs are being sponsored by Kris Aquino. Instead she had the nerve to accuse others of being paid.

No, we should not let Jover and Kris get away with what they did. Jover pretended to be clean and independent, when in fact she got help from Kris to boost her exposure. She also has a graphic artist helping her. Kris, for her part, was being two-faced. Both are hypocrites.

Jover said Kris was not aware of the funding given to her by Falcis to boost her blogs, but Kris admitted to giving her approval to funding the boost. Looks like Jover has been caught lying again. Kris is trying to save her ass and Jover is now a liability.

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