Being gunned down does not make one a hero. Ninoy Aquino is not a hero.

Aquino supporters are still insisting Ninoy was a hero. No, he was not. A lot of politicians all over the world get gunned down by political rivals. The most famous one was John F Kennedy. The Americans did not make him a hero after his assassination.

The trouble begins when people like former Congressman Teddy Casino presumes to prescribe a preferred line of thinking and put it up as some sort of gospel truth that is not open to challenge…

The fact is, it was the coup d’état organised by then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and then General Fidel Ramos that triggered the protest rally, not Ninoy’s death. If the US government at the time didn’t whisk deposeed President Ferdinand Marcos out of the country and had Marcos used military fire power against the plotters, Cory wouldn’t have been illegitimately installed as President.

Protest rallies were a dime a dozen even before Ninoy died. A former member of the communist movement even claimed Ninoy organised the rallies and provided grenades. The Aquinos and their communist allies use rallies today to the point where these have lost any power to move the public.

Ninoy, for his part, was overrated. His speeches are not even great — which means beyond his “martyrdom” he didn’t leave much of a political legacy nor any significant contribution to thought leadership. Filipinos need to think twice about what they’ve been fed by a small clique of oligarchs over the last 30 years. If they examine the historical record carefully, they will find that it was all just a narrative designed to seal a status quo that served the members of a small but powerful oligarchic clan.

Filipinos should STOP worshipping the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution

Even the Yellowtards themselves whine about their own constitution’s products. It was, after all, a colossal overcompensation to assuage a hysterical fear of a “repeat” of those “awful” years of the “Martial Law Era” that the powers that be of the time harboured.

Because of the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution, presidents can only serve one term — dooming an entire people to imprisonment in a six-year death cycle of unproductive, costly, and intelligence-insulting popularity contests. Worst of all, Presidents have to put up with idiot “vice presidents” who they had no hand in selecting as their partner in government.

A democracy is not a religion. As such, there is no reason why Filipinos need to put up with a piece of scripture written by hysterical pseudo academics indoctrinated in the rabid Yellowtardism that blanketed Philippine society under dark intellectual clouds in 1987. They can ditch the Constitution if they decide that it no longer serves a purpose other than to prop up discredited thinking.

It’s time Filipinos make an important decision!

It’s time Filipinos put their foot down and pull the rug from under a Yellowtard clique that brainwashed an entire people into believing that the 1987 Constitution is holy scripture. Time for a change. Time to get back on the road to building a strong nation and not the snowflake society Yellowtards prefer.

Yellowtards should walk their TALK and organise their next MASSIVE street protest!

The Yellowtards of late have been longingly following the events in Hong Kong as millions of its people take to the streets in an impressive display of people power to protest a plan to allow Beijing to extradite its citizens to the mainland. While there is much lament being expressed on social media about how Filipinos have lost the same fervour now being exhibited by their neighbours, there seems to be little motivation to mount a similar initiative considering how convinced they are of the righteousness of their cause.

Judging from the volume and shrillness of their laments, one would be led to believe that a critical mass of outrage against the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has achieved enough critical mass to support such a stunt. Indeed given too that they supposedly have the support of the Communist Party of the Philippines and their vast network of satellite university campus “cause oriented groups”, there would be no reason why they wouldn’t be confident that they’d succeed at marshalling the numbers to the effort.

And yet they don’t.

People Power Envy: Hong Kong’s activists show Filipinos how it’s done.
(Source: AFP)

Perhaps that says something about both their approach to engaging the public and, more importantly, the nature of the actual support from the broader public they command. The Yellowtards need to brush up on their Democracy 101 and get back to the drawing board to craft a real strategy to win in their chosen form of government.

Yellowtards watch green with ENVY as Hong Kong people power delivers!

The way a noted Yellowtard “thought leader” put it encapsulates the sentiment of the Philippines’ political “Opposition” community at the moment.


The trouble with these bozos is that they fail to realise they are comparing apples to oranges. Hong Kong’s activists are rallying against a regime that is anathema to their way of life — an authoritarian communist empire that is progressively dismantling the democratic free market society Hong Kong once was.

The Hong Kong government has suspended plans to allow extraditions to mainland China following days of street protests.

On the other hand, the Philippines’ democratic institutions and free market economy are doing just fine. In fact, the Opposition had recently suffered a catastrophic loss in a national election — effectively an absolute referendum that validates the mandate of the current government of President Rodrigo Duterte to continue what it is doing.

The real imperative here, as far as the Yellowtards are concerned, is to reflect why they fail to win the confidence of the Philippines’ voters. Focus on that and perhaps they will do better in the next elections and get what they want legally.

Philippine Opposition suffering from acute Hong Kong Envy

Pity the “thought leaders” and “activists” of today’s Philippine Opposition. Their camp could no longer win elections and, to add insult to that injury, are also now incapable of mounting their trademark crime — ousting presidents illegally.

All they could do now is watch, green with envy, as the residents of Hong Kong take to the streets in protest of an extradition law being implemented by Beijing.

A Yellowtard’s wet dream unfolds on Hong Kong’s streets.

Like all things once noble, the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards supposedly “invented” people power back in the 1980s then proceeded to then it into a sad joke. Perhaps it is fitting that they now are forced to witness this “invention” being used productively somewhere else.

If Filipinos regard EDSA “People Power” 1986 as their greatest achievement then the Philippines is truly DOOMED

Great nations rocket men to the moon, invent democracy and (ironically) liberalism, develop longer lasting lightbulbs, and make movies and music that bring joy to BILLIONS.

Filipinos hang out on a highway to make tusok fishball and call that their “most genuine nation moment”.

The fact that millions of Filipinos still think that way is probably the single biggest piece of damage wrought by the Yellowtards upon Philippine society. They have turned an entire people into an oligarch-worshipping lot incapable of an independent thought of their life depended on it.

It’s high time Filipinos give themselves a bit more credit and aspire to achieve greater things. Mediocrity is an easy sauce to sell and an even cheaper product to manufacture in bulk — which is why the yellow sauce was for so long the secret behind the Yellowtards’ previous poltical domination.

Yellowtards prove they have no confidence in democracy whenever they call for “people power” revolts

Like it or not, current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is a product of a legitimate election and one conducted within the framework of the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution.

Thus it is really bizarre the way the Yellowtards themselves would call on their constituents to engage in mass action that undermines this very Constitution. They remain confused between what a true democracy is and their preferred notions of chaotic change in leadership.

As James Jimenez, former COMELEC spokesperson and now its Director of Education and Information Department, writes

The problem with ‘people power’ uprisings, as I see it, is that they circumvent elections; they substitute mass movements for the will of the people as expressed in elections – the consent of the governed.

Yellowtards will always argue that the “people” have the “right” to exercise their will on the streets whenever a leader is perceived as having lost his “people’s” confidence. But Jimenez asserts…

If we are unhappy with government, then we must strive to win back – through elections – the kind of government we can support.

Indeed, as Get Real Post writer Zaxx points out, Filipinos need to grow up. “They need to be weaned off of fantasizing that Ninoy-inspired rebellion/treason is something to be looked up to.”

Is “people power” democracy? No it isn’t!

“People power” is nothing more than mob rule. It is an expression of the will of a crowd. But unlike a real election that is governed by rules, there is no way of determining at a reliable level of precision whether the outcome of a “people power” circus actually reflects the general will of an entire population.

A crowd gathered for a “people power” spectacle is supposedly a statistical sample of the population. Those who believe in “people power” as a means to decide things assume that this sample is representative of said population. However, one of the key requirements of a good and representative sample of a population is that its elements are randomly selected. A “people power” rally involves a set of people that is anything but such a set.

The important thing about a true democracy is that its governance framework is truly representative the entire population. Its institutions and processes have measures in place to ensure that this representation is as optimal as can possibly be designed. A “people power” rally, on the other hand, is a sloppy and chaotic situation that is an insult to that aspiration that governance be as representative of the governed people as possible.

The notion that “people power is democracy” should be eradicated. It is a mental disease that no longer has a place in a real democratic society.

Filipinos don’t need ANOTHER “people power revolution”!

It is quite unbelievable that the Yellowtards are calling for yet another “people power” circus. It is even more bizarre that they’d call it to support the plight of embattled “senator” Antonio Trillanes who remains holed up in the Senate building.

Gone are the days when the term “people power” evoked romantic images of people dressed in yellow praying the rosary side by side with nuns on Manila’s streets. Scenes like that have gone from cool to baduy like those cobra hairstyles of yore.

What is even more ridiculous is how the Yellowtards now make Trillanes the centre of their call to action. They seem to be so tone deaf in their reading of the public sentiment to see just how damaging this is to the broader Philippine Opposition that they presume to lead.

It really is high time that the Philippine Opposition ditch the Yellowtards. Filipinos deserve a better Opposition — one that knows how to evolve and not remain imprisoned by obsolete notions of what is politically potent.

The Yellowtards have, in fact, lost their potency as a political force. Their partisans are even too embarrassed to wear their yellow colours in the lame street rallies they organise nowadays.

Think AGAIN before supporting Antonio Trillanes over the weekend!

Yellowtard leaders such as Senator Kiko Pangilinan are now calling for that all-too-familiar Yellowtard “action” once again. In a tweet issued today, Pangilinan called on “everyone who values democracy to come to the Senate and show their support for Sen. Sonny. Our presence there will hopefully make those effecting the illegal arrest think twice.”

Only in the Philippines has it become a tradition for the most privileged and most powerful people to hide behind crowds of ordinary Filipinos. This is a tradition that mirrors the utter lameness that Philippine politics had descended to. It started in that 1986 “revolution” and has become a bad habit ever since.

Even in the way Trillanes mounted his ill-thought-out coup d’etat in the early- to mid-2000s, we could see this foolish reliance on crowds of ignoramous sheep massing at the beck-and-call of their so-called “thought leaders”. Clearly, Trillanes had no plans to win his rebellion by force. This was evident in the size of the force he mobilised for his moronic cause back then. His plan was to hole himself up in a high-profile civilian facility and wait for masses of civilians to surround and protect him a-la 1986. Lameness personified, indeed.

This is what he and his circle of Yellowtards are calling on Filipinos to do again, never mind that this call was an utter failure the last time. It seems, the only tradition the Yellowtards seem to be upholding today is a failure to learn.

Filipinos should think twice about joining a cause — the Yellowtard “cause” — that is all but obsolete.

There is no “Laban” to be had.

There is only a nation to build.

The Yellowtards are clearly on the wrong side of history.