Despite efforts to relive the Yellowtard spirit, EDSA commemoration is a dud again

Liberal Party President and Senator Kiko Pangilinan put up a brave appeal to Filipinos to sustain the Yellowtard tradition…

“The idea behind the Yellow Ribbon Campaign came from our chapter leaders and members. This is a crucial ingredient for a successful movement. Let’s bring our efforts back to the people. Let them own it,” Pangilinan said.

For her part, “vice president” Leni Robredo added her two cents on the matter in her usual Tagalog form…

The fact is, nobody — not even diehard Yellowtards — seem to be interested in commemorating the event where it matters.

Nobody came to the EDSA party.

When will the Yellowtards get it? More importantly, when will the broader Opposition realise that their “cause” is being hobbled by their continued association with these people? Filipinos deserve a BETTER Opposition, not the intellectually-bankrupt one currently being led by the Yellowtards.

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