Filipinos should STOP worshipping the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution

Even the Yellowtards themselves whine about their own constitution’s products. It was, after all, a colossal overcompensation to assuage a hysterical fear of a “repeat” of those “awful” years of the “Martial Law Era” that the powers that be of the time harboured.

Because of the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution, presidents can only serve one term — dooming an entire people to imprisonment in a six-year death cycle of unproductive, costly, and intelligence-insulting popularity contests. Worst of all, Presidents have to put up with idiot “vice presidents” who they had no hand in selecting as their partner in government.

A democracy is not a religion. As such, there is no reason why Filipinos need to put up with a piece of scripture written by hysterical pseudo academics indoctrinated in the rabid Yellowtardism that blanketed Philippine society under dark intellectual clouds in 1987. They can ditch the Constitution if they decide that it no longer serves a purpose other than to prop up discredited thinking.

It’s time Filipinos make an important decision!

It’s time Filipinos put their foot down and pull the rug from under a Yellowtard clique that brainwashed an entire people into believing that the 1987 Constitution is holy scripture. Time for a change. Time to get back on the road to building a strong nation and not the snowflake society Yellowtards prefer.

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