The hashtag “movement” #WeBlockAsOne proves the Yellowtards are starstruck ignoramuses!

Wow, a Philippine SENATOR and an entire partisan camp being led by two showbiz starlets Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla a.k.a. ‘KathNiel’ to march to the tune of the moronic hashtag movement #WeBlockAsOne. Now we’ve seen everything! I join @bernardokath and @imdanielpadilla in standing up to the trolls. The trolls may be exercising their freedom […]

Leni Robredo should consider firing her PR team after tone-deaf Taal volcano photos go viral

There’s really no need for Leni Robredo, supposedly no less than the Philippines’ presumptive “vice president”, to be making a photo opportunity out of every so-called “service” she delivers to Filipinos. In this latest instance, she uses relief goods meant for evacuees fleeing the aftermath of this week’s Taal volcano eruption to score PR points […]

Mar Roxas turned the Yolanda disaster into a monumental tragedy

Mar Roxas did everything he thought he could do except for the right things. He didn’t need to direct traffic himself, for example. He could have asked the traffic enforcers to do it. He just wanted the cameras showing him doing something. He sucks at delegation and therefore would never have made a good manager […]

Ditching the Liberal Party does not mean you are no longer a Yellowtard

The news making its way through the grapevine is that Mar Roxas will be running for a Senate seat as an “independent”. According to some observers, ditching the Liberal Party makes Roxas a “smart” man. That much we can agree with. The Liberal Party has become a poisonous poltical brand since losing spectacularly in the […]

Mar Roxas’s opportunistic “recommendations” to solve the rice “crisis” are all so lame

Of course the obvious short-term solution to “solving” the rice crisis today is to import more of this vital and addictive staple. Any idiot can see that to the only stopgap measure to alleviate the “sufferings” of the poor is to put downward pressure on prices by increasing domestic supply through importation. You don’t need […]