The hashtag “movement” #WeBlockAsOne proves the Yellowtards are starstruck ignoramuses!

Wow, a Philippine SENATOR and an entire partisan camp being led by two showbiz starlets Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla a.k.a. ‘KathNiel’ to march to the tune of the moronic hashtag movement #WeBlockAsOne. Now we’ve seen everything!

It takes showbiz personalities like those KathNiel persons to “trend” a hashtag like #WeBlockAsOne… because Filipinos remain hopelessly beholden to their showbiz celebs and will follow even the most idiotic “movements” they endorse.

Recall that even the star power of the ‘KathNiel’ team failed to deliver a win for Mar Roxas back in 2016.

Sure, folks. Go forth and “block as one”. But remember the golden rule of battle — keep your friends close and your enemies EVEN CLOSER. The minute you lose sight of what they are doing is the minute you start to lose your “fight”. This is essentially the fatal error in the Yellowtard campaigns of 2016 and 2019 and the reason they ditched the colour yellow — because it stood for the cowardice inherent in hashtag campaigns like this most recent one.

When will the Yellowtards ever learn? Perhaps never — which means they may never see an election victory again anytime soon.

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