Duterte’s magnificent infrastructure development program MUST continue past 2022

PhilSTAR columnist Boo Chanco can’t seem to decide on his stand as he is now issuing seemlingly grudging praises for Department of Transportation Secretary Art Tugade. In his piece today “Essential public transportation”, Chanco goes as far as asserting that “Sec. Art is a vast improvement over from DOTr Sec. Jun Abaya. They had almost […]

Dysfunctional Philippine bureaucracy cannot be solved by one president in just 6 years

The raging debate since the first lockdown has been about social amelioration. Having first-hand experience in government at the local government unit (LGU) level, I’ve seen the inefficiencies in its operations and the policy disconnect unless the two top officials work together for the benefit of their constituents. Tax the rich to give to the […]

Opposition seeks to destabilise rather than contribute constructively to Ph gov’t fiscal response to pandemic

What will we do about the opposition? They seem to have shit for brains. Five consecutive quarters of recession and Inquirer columnist Manuel L Quezon III (MLQ3), former Communications Undersecretary of the Aquino administration, fallaciously follows the line of Financial journalist Prinz Magtulis by declaring we are officially in stagflation territory. In his piece “Welcome […]

The Opposition LIE to Filipinos whenever they blame Duterte for the loss of Scarborough Shoal

What is really needed is an executive summary of the arbitral ruling, with a comparative analysis of what what status was before and after. One also needs to take into account US foreign policy under former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, or was it the toner way around? In his Manila Times piece “Not […]

Run up to elections and sub-par pandemic response contribute to mixed economic outlook

Time to write off 2021. One can only hope that it’s not worse than 2020. The major mistake was reopening the economy without a unified contact-tracing system in place and local government units (LGUs) being remiss in enforcing minimum health protocols. Add to this the arrival of the new and more contagious variants and this […]

Creating employment is better than handing out “ayuda” cash

To do stimulus right you need to have better governance. Obviously the bureaucracy needs to be reformed. The pandemic has brought to fore the neglect of the public healthcare system since former President Ferdinand Marcos was ousted. As it was the trend beginning with the administration of former President Cory Aquino, privatization was the operative […]

Firms dependent on Philippine-based BPO and call centres on notice as COVID-19 bug hits Deloitte!

The Philippines remains suspect as a country close to the epicenter of the global COVID-19 outbreak that seems to be lax in its testing and possibly underreporting infection rates. A case reportedly hitting Deloitte Philippines which holds office at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig highlights the risks posed by the disease on the Philippines’ […]

Randy David proves Yellowtards wrong: “Democracy” was never the solution to Philippine poverty!

In a public lecture he delivered in Fukuoka, Japan this week, David attempts to “explain the apparent public acceptance by the Filipino people of what many observers abroad regard as the most brutal presidency the Philippines has ever known”. In trying to explain why the Philippines has once again turned to authoritarianism, it may be […]

An influx of Chinese workers inducing rise in property values is not a bad thing

Some “analysts” are making it look like rising property prices which they attribute to an influx of Chinese and other foreign workers are a bad thing. On the contrary this is an opportunity that could result in the creation of more jobs. Rising prices are a sign of pressure on supply due to increasing demand. […]

Xi Jinping is not coming to takeover the Philippines. He’s coming to inspect the results of a COMPLETED takeover. #XiJinPoohPH

Poor Yellowtard “activists”. They reckon they’d “protest” the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping this week. Twitter users among them are even changing their profile avatars to images of Winnie the Pooh as an act of solidarity with their comrades in virtue signalling. Thing is, the Chinese invasion of the Philippines has long been a […]