Mar Roxas’s opportunistic “recommendations” to solve the rice “crisis” are all so lame

Of course the obvious short-term solution to “solving” the rice crisis today is to import more of this vital and addictive staple. Any idiot can see that to the only stopgap measure to alleviate the “sufferings” of the poor is to put downward pressure on prices by increasing domestic supply through importation. You don’t need a genius to see that.

And yet, here we see the Yellowtards’ perennial losing candidate Mar Roxas being hailed for the sophomoric recommendations he posted on Facebook

Dear President Duterte:

Matindi ang problema ng P50+/kg na bigas, at magiging mas matindi pa ito dahil sa damage ni Ompong.

Magkaiba paningin natin sa maraming bagay pero sa tingin ko lahat ng Pilipino gustong malutas ang problemang ito.
Kaya time out muna.

Please consider:

Only a massive and immediate additional supply of rice can bring down prices to affordable levels.

1. Instruct that Minimum Access Volume be increased to 1.5 million metric tons.

2. Remove the usual bs imposed by NFA so as to allow any and all in the private sector to import rice

3. Proactively ask Jollibee, McDo, Mang Inasal, SM, grocery, and supermarket chains, and all large users to independently source and import their own needs para di na sila makihati pa sa national stockpile.

In the short term this will:
a) provide a definite physical buffer
b) put a definite timeframe for when supply tightness will end
c) induce hoarders to release their stocks bago maiipit sila

Meanwhile, to ease the farmers plight, also consider adding all farmer families to the CCT program.

Medium term, additional steps include:

1. Repeal TRAIN as it pertains to fuel and other basic commodities
2. Promote industrialized farming so we increase capital investment (capex, technology, economies of scale) in agriculture.

Salamat po.

Too bad he isn’t president, right?

Then again, it’s not the job of presidents to come up with tactical solutions. Real Chief Executives come up with long-term strategic initiatives to address systemic problems.

The Philippines’ problems feeding its own people are systemic in nature. Roxas is merely being dishonest fashioning himself as some sort of “expert” galloping into a crisis to save the day for the hapless Filipino. And his fans in Yellowtardom are lapping it all up.

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