Kris Aquino neither confirms nor denies that she issued death threats against Nicko Falcis following #PABoost revelations!


As of this writing, this report published by ABS-CBN News provides the most recent information about a position the Crazy Rich One has taken on the matter of her falling out with her business manager Nicko Falcis.

This follows brouhaha over her former friend Gretchen Barretto taking the side of Falcis on that matter. Aquino, however, merely sidesteps the issue and, true to form, defers to her illustrious pedigree…

In this issue, I shall choose to look back on the year 1986. Gretchen may dislike me now, but she campaigned for my mom against the Marcoses. Dedma na sa pagtingin niya sa akin

You didn’t answer the questions ma’am.

Neither do the armies of bottom-feeding social media “influencers” whose shrill voices once filled the Net’s political discourse.

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