Of course James Deakin (@jdeakin72) is a victim of cyberbullying! #PABoost


Yellows have no evidence to support James Deakin is a “Marcos supporter” other than being photographed with BBM. Meanwhile, there is already proof their fave blogger Jover Laurio is being funded by Kris Aquino to ruin other people’s reputation.

Yellows and all anti-Marcos advocates cannot think straight anymore because they have been blinded by hate. Almost 40 years of mind conditioning by members of mainstream media allied with the Aquinos resulted in this. But only the gullible remain victim to the propaganda.

The silver lining here is that Yellow social climbers are falling one by one. This is good for Philippine society. The toxicity level on social media will go down. Some of them are too full of themselves. Kala mo kung sinong sosyal at maganda. Bakya naman.

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