So called “Magna Carta for Commuters” of @KikoPangilinan is the most STUPID idea ever!

Why is it such a “hassle” to commute by public transport in Metro Manila? Anyone? Anyone? Don’t trip all over yourselves answering that question because that question is just plain STUPID.

Nonetheless here is Stupid himself asking that question…

This is a question even an alien being in a flying saucer hovering a mile above EDSA could answer. Commuting sucks in Manila because there is no modern public transport. And because there is no public transport, everyone who could afford it drives a private vehicle.

For that matter, what bozos like Kiko call “public transport” isn’t really public in principle. These are all private vehicles owned by private enterprise competing for passengers along Manila’s main roads. Clearly public officials are too lazy to govern these parasites properly so there is no semblance of any systematic routing nor scheduling of these killer rustbuckets at all.

Plain old stupidity is the underlying reason why commuting SUCKS in the Philippines.

Senato Kiko needs to stop being an idiot and be genuinely true to the intent to solve this problem. For that to happen, he needs to stop asking these STUPID questions.

Even if the Yellowtards lost the elections, they still need to be crushed

The Yellowtards are a defeated force for now. For now. They continue to be a cancer in Philippine society and their legacy of snowflake politics still infests the Philippines’ top schools and universities.

It is therefore important that they be crushed. The other day, I featured a lament issued by Senator Kiko Pangilinan, leader of the Yellowtards, which I translated to English…

The [2019] elections are already finished. You [administration bets] already won big time, right? So why go after and try to jail us [in the Opposition] who did not succeed in that election as well as those who supported us? Even priests and bishops involved were not cut a bit of slack.

The article where I first featured the above made a point about Pangilinan’s missing the whole point — that losing an election does not exempt one from criminal prosecution.

Now I take on board what he says — that perhaps there is merit in what he believes the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is doing — possibly taking measures to crush the Opposition.

To that I say: Why not?

The Yellowtards would do the same if they were in that position. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes the late former President Cory Aquino made was to let her former nemeses back in and allow them to roam the political landscape scott free. This is something today’s Martial Law Crybabies wail about.

Someone needs to remind Pangilinan also that the Liberal Party detained Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and Juan Ponce Enrile even before the 2016 elections just because they were a threat to Mar Roxas’s Presidential ambition.

An entire Opposition bloc captured in living colour attending the wedding of a liar!

Like how one would cure cancer, the approach to dealing with the Yellowtard Problem in the Philippines should not stop short of total political annihilation. Just like how cigarette smokers had gone from cool to fool, Yellowtardism needs to be reduced to a quaint historical curiosity. Only a sweeping cultural revolution can achieve that — one that turns Filipinos from whiney brats addicted to their victimhood back to real achievers.

Indeed, Senator Pangilinan. The Yellowtards may have lost the elections. But they aren’t beaten, and the need to crush them must persist.

No, @KikoPangilinan. It’s not about who won the elections. It’s about who committed a CRIME

It seems Senator Kiko Pangilinan misses the whole point about what the Law is all about. In a recent tweet, Pangilinan argues that the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should desist from pursuing sedition charges against his pals because they already lost the elections!

Here is the tweet translated to English…

“The [2019] elections are already finished. You [administration bets] already won big time, right? So why go after and try to jail us [in the Opposition] who did not succeed in that election as well as those who supported us? Even priests and bishops involved were not cut a bit of slack.”

Seriously Senator Pangilinan? An officer of the law — a legislator, no less — appealing to the government for exemption from the teeth of the law because the accused lost an election?

Kiko Pangilinan, a Philippine senator, lost the plot!

See, the election has nothing to do with the sedition charges being filed against “vice president” Leni Robredo, those clergymen, and their alleged cohorts. This is about what is being alleged they had done in violation of Philippine law.

Pangilinan should be setting a better example to his countrymen. He should turn his back to these old nefarious habits that had made Filipinos renowned for being laid back about law enforcement. He should respect the law and not try to work around it by using such superfluous appeals.

What has the Liberal Party been doing the whole time it turned a deaf ear to the Filipino people?

So the Liberal Party reportedly “now ‘listens’ to the people it once ignored”. This admission raises an important question: What served as input into their vision and governance platform to begin with?

Surely, in a democracy, political parties are guided by their constituents’ priorities. But how could the LP have known what these priorities were if they had not been listening all the while?

The answers to this question are all no-brainers. The LP being no more than the election winning machine of the “prayerful” lot of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan really found no need to listen to anyone because they had only three sources of input into its agenda:

(1) the fate of Hacienda Luisita;

(2) the mythology of Ninoy’s and Cory’s “martyrdom”; and,

(3) the wishes of the Roman Catholic Church and its henchmen in the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Are the LP now truly willing to “connect to a wider spectrum of Filipino voters” as its leader Kiko Pangilinan promises? Of course they are. There’s an election they desperately need to win. After that? Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if the focus of their agenda reverts back to beholdenness to the strategic objectives of those three pillars of their real platform.

That’s the Liberal Party for you — full of promises during election season and nothing else but hidden agendas in between.

Dishonest Rappler headline misleads readers into thinking Philippine Senate supports “senator” Antonio Trillanes

Grammatically correct but, in intent, baldly misleading. A Rappler report headlined “Senators praise judge’s ‘courage’ in junking Trillanes arrest” seemingly aims to lead its readers to believe that a majority of Philippine senators harbour favourable sentiments to the plight of their embattled colleague “senator” Antonio Trillanes.

The report, however only cites the statements of two Yellowtard senators…

Judge Soriano ‘chose to uphold the rule of law and refused to embrace tyranny, as every judge ought to do if they are to be true to their oath,’ says opposition Senator Francis Pangilinan…


“We laud Judge Soriano for siding with the truth, and for his courage amidst seemingly insurmountable pressure,” Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV said in a statement.

A more honest headline would have been the more accurate, “Senators Pangilinan, Aquino praise judge’s ‘courage’ in junking Trillanes arrest”.

This is of course Rappler, not exactly known to be the exemplar of honest journalism it keeps pitching itself to Filipinos as. So dishonest reports such as this one authored by Rapplerette Rambo Talabong may be excused as it merely reflects the character of the “news” organisation that publishes it.

All the YELLOWTARD honchos are together for #NeverAgain Day but nobody’s wearing YELLOW!

As usual, the Yellowtards are in yet another Mass for [insert pompous-sounding advocacy here]. In this one celebrated at the Cory Aquino Democratic Space, De La Salle University in the lead up to today’s “Grand Rally” to celebrate the “Martial Law Years” at the Luneta, no less than the Top Guns of Yellowtardom are busy praying for the cameras.

But, check it out: Nobody is wearing Yellow!

Holy out-of-costume Batman!

Not only did these “leaders” fail to wear yellow in keeping with a three-decade tradition of necropolitical narrative, they also did not follow the Millennials’ instructions to wear black. Indeed, the weather, in fact, provides today a once-in-a-lifetime opporunity to safely wear dark colours to a rally in the sweltering climate of Manila seeing that it’s been bucketing all afternoon.

These people need to come up with a new brand. Obviously the notion of a “Yellowtard” is becoming obsolete as well, evidently following in the footsteps of a narrative that has long been rendered obsolete by a far clearer picture Filipinos have gained of just how utterly dishonest this narrative had been for no less than three decades.

[Photo source: Rappler]

Think AGAIN before supporting Antonio Trillanes over the weekend!

Yellowtard leaders such as Senator Kiko Pangilinan are now calling for that all-too-familiar Yellowtard “action” once again. In a tweet issued today, Pangilinan called on “everyone who values democracy to come to the Senate and show their support for Sen. Sonny. Our presence there will hopefully make those effecting the illegal arrest think twice.”

Only in the Philippines has it become a tradition for the most privileged and most powerful people to hide behind crowds of ordinary Filipinos. This is a tradition that mirrors the utter lameness that Philippine politics had descended to. It started in that 1986 “revolution” and has become a bad habit ever since.

Even in the way Trillanes mounted his ill-thought-out coup d’etat in the early- to mid-2000s, we could see this foolish reliance on crowds of ignoramous sheep massing at the beck-and-call of their so-called “thought leaders”. Clearly, Trillanes had no plans to win his rebellion by force. This was evident in the size of the force he mobilised for his moronic cause back then. His plan was to hole himself up in a high-profile civilian facility and wait for masses of civilians to surround and protect him a-la 1986. Lameness personified, indeed.

This is what he and his circle of Yellowtards are calling on Filipinos to do again, never mind that this call was an utter failure the last time. It seems, the only tradition the Yellowtards seem to be upholding today is a failure to learn.

Filipinos should think twice about joining a cause — the Yellowtard “cause” — that is all but obsolete.

There is no “Laban” to be had.

There is only a nation to build.

The Yellowtards are clearly on the wrong side of history.