So called “Magna Carta for Commuters” of @KikoPangilinan is the most STUPID idea ever!

Why is it such a “hassle” to commute by public transport in Metro Manila? Anyone? Anyone? Don’t trip all over yourselves answering that question because that question is just plain STUPID.

Nonetheless here is Stupid himself asking that question…

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This is a question even an alien being in a flying saucer hovering a mile above EDSA could answer. Commuting sucks in Manila because there is no modern public transport. And because there is no public transport, everyone who could afford it drives a private vehicle.

For that matter, what bozos like Kiko call “public transport” isn’t really public in principle. These are all private vehicles owned by private enterprise competing for passengers along Manila’s main roads. Clearly public officials are too lazy to govern these parasites properly so there is no semblance of any systematic routing nor scheduling of these killer rustbuckets at all.

Plain old stupidity is the underlying reason why commuting SUCKS in the Philippines.

Senato Kiko needs to stop being an idiot and be genuinely true to the intent to solve this problem. For that to happen, he needs to stop asking these STUPID questions.

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