UNBECOMING of a Senator: Kiko Pangilinan’s BASELESS speculation on Assoc Justice Marvic Leonen impeachment

Liberal Party president and Senator Kiko Pangilinan is going on record making unverified claims about motives behind the impeacment complaint being pursued against Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

“It’s a corrupt, shamelessly opportunistic and insidious attempt to steal the position of Vice President [four] years after 2016 and after failing miserably to prove fraud,” Pangilinan told the Inquirer in a Viber message.

He said he hoped the House of Representatives would not waste its time on the case “considering the state of our economy being in shambles and the need to focus all our time, energy and attention on fixing this.”

This is unbecoming of a Philippine Senator whose job it is to represent his constituents’ interests in the legislative process. The impeachment complaint will progress on the back of due process via the proper channels and Pangilinan should respect that.

By making statements like these, Pangilinan is deliberately undermining what is part of the overall dynamic of a mature democracy by attempting to subvert it using old dishonest means — like adding confusion rather than contributing clarity to important issues like these. Pangilinan should be a role model to Filipinos and make sure he makes substantiated public statements and refrain from speculative ones that create useless noise — something that is important in today’s toxic landscape of disinformation.

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