Yellowtard vs Yellowtard! Will Jover Laurio beat Jesus Falcis in the appeal-to-emotion game?

Yellowtards are currently in turmoil as their two top social media personalities Falcis and Laurio duke it out on social media for the favours of the broader community of Yellowtardom. Who’s gonna win?

The answer to that has nothing to do with who’s right or wrong or who makes better sense than the other. The thing to remember here is that both of them are Yellowtards. That alone makes it quite certain that, regardless of who ends up on top of this circus, Philippine society will end up none the wiser nor incrementally more intelligent as a collective.

After all, it’s Falcis’s word against Laurio’s. Words coming from two known Yellowtard liars (these two words naturally belong together in most sentences) are worth jack shit, really. The only winners in this mudslinging contest will be the spectators. Yellowtards live by the circus and are dying by the circus.

Much-touted “evidence” of Trillanes application for amnesty exhibited by @PinoyAkoBlog a dud!

A 2011 photo of “senator” Antonio Trillanes was posted by Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio on Twitter where she trumpeted it as “evidence” that the serial mutineer had, indeed, filed an application for amnesty.

As can be clearly seen on the above image, what seems to be the application form is not even signed.

For that matter, a photo cannot be considered as admissible evidence. What Trillanes and his circle of girlettes really need is real solid evidence. Old habits indeed die hard. Yellowtard causes are habitually launched on incomplete information and their movements and causes built upon unsubstantiated notions.