The only way to commemorate Ninoy Aquino’s “martyrdom” FOR REAL is to find out WHO murdered him

Despite two big Aquino presidencies, that of the late Cory Aquino from 1986 to 1992 and then her son’s, Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, from 2010 to 2016, the brains behind the murder of former Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr had never been identified. Despite several inquiries through the Cory Aquino administration, only a handful of underlings were convicted. This led Inquirer columnist Ma. Ceres P. Doyo to ask as recently as August 2018, Who killed Ninoy?

But who were the brains? They could only have been persons with massive power and resources. The convicts were mostly underlings who could only have acted in obedience, in an elaborate plot they knew little about.

Since the beginning of the term of current President Rodrigo Duterte, “thought leaders” of the Yellowtard-led Opposition have been screeching about a lack of any big-time drug personalities being brought to justice in Duterte’s so-called War on Drugs. This makes it all the more laughable that they presume to “honour” the “martyrdom” of Ninoy Aquino considering that they too had failed to bring the Big Guns that shot Aquino to justice and had, instead, satisfied themselves with jailing the little fall guys.

The Yellowtards, in short, are hypocrites. They are people who pepper their rhetoric with lofty words like “justice” and “accountability” yet routinely do their own “hero” a shameful disservice — commemorating him yet leaving every stone unturned in their lazy quest for justice for a murder that will likely remain unsolved forever.

Damaso activist @CarlosCeldran banned from Facebook after inviting people to “shoot” Mark Zuckerberg!

Apparently not content with his new-found expat life in Spain, Filipino “influencer” and self-styled “activist” Carlos Celdran continues to keep tabs on Philippine politics. However he continues to go about it the wrong way this time getting into trouble once again after inviting his followers to effect violence upon no less than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself…

Not surprisingly, Celdran got himself suspended from his favourite social media platform. But, quite evidently, he seems to learn no lessons from the experience as this latest tweet demonstrates…

And the hypocrisy of Facebook. My post was removed and my account suspended for now. They allow threats sent to everyone – except to themselves. Work harder @facebook in removing fake profiles, fake news & fake engagements. Your platform facilitated enough harm already.

Holy Yellowtard logic, Batman!

This, coming from an avid instagrammer. Perhaps semeone should remind Celdran who owns Instagram.

Kris Aquino “sick” and “victim” stunts no longer work as recordings of possible death threat vs Nicko Falcis go viral! #PABoost

The audio recording of Kris Aquino’s threat to Nicko Falcis proves she has become delusional to think the Filipino people will be behind her once she uses the “sick” and “victim” card. It also proved the Aquinos think the Philippines is their fiefdom. How many people have they had killed?!

It seems the audio recording of Aquino threatening to announce to the public and have Nicko Falcis killed is real because she did announce she has lupus and is even giving everyone a minutiae update of her medical “checkup”. Unfortunately, she can’t have Nicko killed now.

In the audio recording, we can hear someone, possibly one of Kris’s servants, gasping as she made threats to Falcis. It seems the people around her were also shocked at the level she went to. She sounded really desperate and was using her last ammo to try and stop her enemy.

Shocking recording of what sounds like Kris Aquino issuing death threats to Nicko Falcis emerges! #PABoost

If this video containing a recording of what sounds like Queen of All Philippine Media Kris Aquino not just berating a certain “Nicko” but also threatening to have her family kill him, then a whole lot of people are in real trouble…

If that is indeed the Crazy Rich One in that recording, she is making it sound like her family — the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan — actually consists of the sorts of people who are capable of summarily murdering their enemies. Extrajudicially!

If so, people on the payroll of the Queen such as purported boy toy Gideon Pena and Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio should really be worried lest they cross Aquino — with potentially fatal consequences.

The wording of the death threats in the video are consistent with statements made by Falcis’s brother Jesus who, in an earlier statement, alleged that Aquino made such threats using the very same words. These allegations were neither confirmed nor denied by Aquino.

Philippine media all set to politicise Halloween with “reports” about the ghosts of EJK victims

Trust click- and eyeball-hungry Philippine corporate media to milk Halloween with the usual stories of ghosts and spirits and other hocus-pocus reports of supernatural activity that they will report as “news” or “features”.

This time, however, it will likely be about everyone’s favourite necro-topic nowadays, the alleged victims of “extrajudicial killings” or EJKs and their ghosts supposedly coming back to haunt the perpetrators of today’s “injustices”. These media outlets would then be hitting two birds with one stone – tapping the primitive superstitious psyches of Filipinos and, at the same time, repurposing these to deliver a political payload.

The lengths to which Philippine media will go to scrape in the day’s peso, right? Rather than uplift the thinking skills of Filipinos, they drag it down to ensure themselves a vast market of OFW remittance-funded consumers willing to lap up their mediocre products.