Damaso activist @CarlosCeldran banned from Facebook after inviting people to “shoot” Mark Zuckerberg!


Apparently not content with his new-found expat life in Spain, Filipino “influencer” and self-styled “activist” Carlos Celdran continues to keep tabs on Philippine politics. However he continues to go about it the wrong way this time getting into trouble once again after inviting his followers to effect violence upon no less than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself…

Not surprisingly, Celdran got himself suspended from his favourite social media platform. But, quite evidently, he seems to learn no lessons from the experience as this latest tweet demonstrates…

And the hypocrisy of Facebook. My post was removed and my account suspended for now. They allow threats sent to everyone – except to themselves. Work harder @facebook in removing fake profiles, fake news & fake engagements. Your platform facilitated enough harm already.

Holy Yellowtard logic, Batman!

This, coming from an avid instagrammer. Perhaps semeone should remind Celdran who owns Instagram.

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