WTF?! Convicted mutineer Antonio Tillanes teaching at the Ateneo??

So let us get this straight. After endangering the lives of thousands of Filipinos and destroying private property using military resources he was entrusted with, the two chi-chiest universities of Katipunan Road are now rewarding former “senator” Antonio Trillanes with a plum teaching job. That’s according to recent news reports

Trillanes said that he would be teaching public policy at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and a yet to be determined class at the Ateneo de Manila University.

The senator said he would be living a “more relaxed life” as an academic, compared to being a senator who was a stanch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Gee whiz.

“Public policy” no less.

Trillanes doesn’t even know what being a democrat even means, as BBC journalist Stephen Sackur reveals! So what kind of public policy will he be espousing before the elite set of today’s youth?

One wonders what sort of stuff Trillanes will be teaching at the Ateneo. Rabid Yellowtardism 101? I don’t think Ateneans need to be lectured on an ideology they already live and breathe — more so considering just one unit at the Ateneo attracts enough fees to feed a small Filipino family for one month. But then that’s pretty much the key subject Trillanes is qualified to teach!

Chalk one up for perverse selective credentialism on exhibit today in the academe of the Katipunan. Hiring a convicted felon into the faculty of these esteemed institutions of learning would have been funny if it weren’t so disturbingly ironic.

The Yellowtards want to oust Duterte AT ALL COSTS including going to WAR with China

If one were truly looking out for the overall welfare of Filipinos and the bigger good of the entire nation, the focus of any sort of activism would be on finding practical forward-looking solutions to problems. In the case of the current brouhaha over an accident involving a Chinese vessel and a Filipino fishing boat on Reed Bank, the most practical solution to move forward would be to contain the situation and mitigate any further impact on the broader Filipino public.

But take stock of the shrill shoutouts being issued by the “woke” crowd of “influencers” and “activists” of the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition and it becomes glaringly evident that they have a different agenda in mind. Their agenda, as always, remains fixated on ousting duly-elected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and returning their own people to power — power they believe they are entitled to by virtue of the blessings of no less than the Pope himself.

In the mid-2000s Antonio Trillanes destroyed private property and put thousands of Filipino lives at risk to achieve an ILLEGAL agenda.

The Yellowtards unfortunately would just as soon sabotage an economy or drum up war with China (or both) if they see an opportunity there to seize power even through illegal means. Suffice to say, these are not very nice people as they think nothing about disrupting — even putting at risk — millions of lives just to achieve their ends. Think Antonio Trillanes back in the mid-2000s and how he presumed to use military resources under his command to do just that and you will find a person who singularly encapsulates the character of the Yellowtards.

Not very nice. It’s time Filipinos get rid of them and their cancerous legacies in Philippine society.

Ellen Tordesillas: Rabid supporter and mouthpiece of Trillanes

The fact is, “fact-checker” Ellen Tordesillas has been a supporter and ally of Senator Antonio Trillanes for decades. She campaigned for his release when he was still in jail for his crime against the Filipino people. She also uses her website to promote his advocacies and propaganda against his enemies.

Been blogging since 2009. I distinctly remember how motivated Tordesillas was in lobbying for the release of Trillanes from prison. She believed he was just doing what was good for the Philippines in rebelling against then President Gloria Arroyo — never mind that he broke the law, damaged property, and put Filipino civilians’ lives at risk.

The fact that Ellen Tordesillas campaigned for the release of Trillanes means she has been practicing partisan politics for decades. She was using her clout as a journalist to paint Trillanes as a hero. She was instrumental in riling up the public against Arroyo then.

Indeed, Ellen Tordesillas reminds me of that movie with Nicole Kidman whose character fell in love with a criminal who was in prison. She advocated for his release just like how Tordesillas advocated for Trillanes’s release believing he was innocent. Unfortunately, he was a real criminal.

Who funded Fr Robert “The Running Priest” Reyes’s shiny new Isuzu D-Max pickup truck?

A photo of the “Running Priest” Fr Robert Reyes getting into what looks like a brand-new feature-rich pickup truck is making the rounds on Twitter.

The photo has initiated robust discussion on who or what the sources of funds for the purchase of such a vehicle, an Isuzu D-Max, were for use of a Roman Catholic priest who, as dogma states, is bound by a ‘vow of poverty’.

On a separate note, Reyes was reported to have visited “senator” Antonio Tillanes at his Senate office back in September 2018.

Is there a connection? Possibly not, but it is, nonetheless, interesting to note.

Emerging info on Kris Aquino’s financial links with lawyer @GideonPena – #PABoostNga

More leaked screenshots seem to point to a strong financial link between lawyer Gideon Pena and the Crazy Rich One herself, Kris Aquino. According to some sources, Pena is retained as “legal consultant” to Aquino allegedly to the tune of 100,000 pesos. But speculation is rife that the scope of this contract (which, reportedly, is held to an “iron-clad” non-disclosure agreement (NDA)) goes beyond legal services.

Back in mid-2018, supposed “flirting” between Pena and Aquino was causing a stir in the showbiz fan community leading the Inquirer to pose the question: Is romance brewing between Kris Aquino and Atty. Gideon Peña?

Peña took to his Instagram last June 28 where he shared a photo of him posing in front of an ivy-covered wall, and a screenshot of his own tweet that said, “Bakit hindi na [lang] tayo?” (Why can’t it be just the two of us?)

It was Aquino’s reply that brought many of her fans to kilig mode, as she commented, “Atty G — if this is for me, wait lang please — I’m shooting for @samsungph now… but if it’s not — she’s a very lucky girl. (Sorry ha, the original Twitter posts were already sent to me by several people & this now popped up on my phone. Change of setup so I got to check IG).”

Was it all for show? Is Pena even into girls (not that there’s anything wrong with not being into girls) to begin with?

Oh, and did we mention too that Pena along with his “kuya”, Inquirer columnist Gideon Lasco are in bed with Yellowtard senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay?

And, most SHOCKING of all, did we mention that Pena is also a member of “senator” Antonio Trillanes’s legal team (note by the way, attorney Pena, apostrophe-“s” after a name ending with an “s”)??

Well now we mentioned it.

Abangan and susunod na kabanata

The Opposition’s call for Imelda Marcos’s imprisonment may not sit well with Filipinos’ deep reverence for the elderly

The Yellowtards seem baffled as to why there is scant live TV news coverage of anything to do with the recent conviction of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. They even compare her case to that of “senator” Antonio Trillanes saying that, in the case of Trillanes, there was abundant coverage of the developing story and cameras waiting at the scene for the police to pick him up.

Perhaps the thing that the Yellowtards fail to appreciate is that Filipinos remain, at heart, fundamentally respectful of elders. It is likely that the prospect of an elderly lady being hauled off in handcuffs much less put in prison does not sit well with the Filipino public.

The much-hyped bonfire held at the UP Diliman campus to celebrate the conviction of Imelda Marcos was a flop.
(Photo credit)

Indeed, comparing Imelda to Trillanes, the earlier a senior citizen, the latter a young able-bodied former soldier is really not such a smart position to take. The Yellowtards need to see beyond their rather obsolete hate and take an objective perspective. More importantly, they should try to be better at reading the public sentiment.

Singer @MsLeaSalonga issues a challenge to all Filipino partisans to find “common ground”!

Nothing like the international star power of singer Lea Salonga can throw a spanner into the petty bickering that characterises the Philippines’ so-called political discourse. This she did in response to a Facebook post by prominent talent manager Ogie Diaz where he slammed Yellowtard social media personality Jesus Falcis for slandering actor Aga Muhlach for statements he made seen to be critical of “senator” Antonio Trillanes

To Diaz’s post addressed to Falcis, Salonga posted the following comments…

Nicely said. Ika nga, “I may not like what you said, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” I’m only paraphrasing here, but that’s the thought. This is supposed to be a democracy, and everyone has their right to an opinion. As citizens of this republic, we have the right to criticize our leaders. A right, AND a duty.

Salonga followed up with an important call to action to the broader community of Filipinos who, lest we forget, are all stakeholders in the fortunes of the Philippine nation…

To add: the frustrating point for many citizens is not so much the criticisms, but the lack of either side reaching out to the other to reach common ground. Be you red, yellow or blue, we need to serve the country first. We are a country of 100M people, each with an opinion and a unique point of view, hoping for our public servants to start working for us. (To be fair, there are politicians who put their constituents first. May their kind thrive.)

Earlier, Muhlach, prompted by TV host Vice Ganda on the ABS-CBN programme It’s Showtime, made remarks critical of Trillanes that irked Yellowtard Netizens.

Typical of the attacks against Muhlach, now Salonga, and, for that matter, any opinion-shaper who dares deviate from the Yellowtard playbook is this gem from Netizen Miyako Izabel issued via Twitter

Oh, @MsLeaSalonga, since you defended Muhlach, can you explain what he meant by “Help Duterte”? Did he want Trillanes to help the Chinese smuggle drugs, the cops to kill Filipinos, and Calida and the rest of the gang to steal public funds? See, “Help Duterte” is not always good.

…as is typical of the Yellowtard mind, missing the point by lightyears.

The trouble with Yellowtards is they apply substandard thinking that is framed by the script ingrained in their psyches from spending most of time in their comfy echo chambers. It would help their “cause” if they, as Salonga suggests, reach out to the other to find common ground.

Dishonest Rappler headline misleads readers into thinking Philippine Senate supports “senator” Antonio Trillanes

Grammatically correct but, in intent, baldly misleading. A Rappler report headlined “Senators praise judge’s ‘courage’ in junking Trillanes arrest” seemingly aims to lead its readers to believe that a majority of Philippine senators harbour favourable sentiments to the plight of their embattled colleague “senator” Antonio Trillanes.

The report, however only cites the statements of two Yellowtard senators…

Judge Soriano ‘chose to uphold the rule of law and refused to embrace tyranny, as every judge ought to do if they are to be true to their oath,’ says opposition Senator Francis Pangilinan…


“We laud Judge Soriano for siding with the truth, and for his courage amidst seemingly insurmountable pressure,” Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV said in a statement.

A more honest headline would have been the more accurate, “Senators Pangilinan, Aquino praise judge’s ‘courage’ in junking Trillanes arrest”.

This is of course Rappler, not exactly known to be the exemplar of honest journalism it keeps pitching itself to Filipinos as. So dishonest reports such as this one authored by Rapplerette Rambo Talabong may be excused as it merely reflects the character of the “news” organisation that publishes it.

Makati RTC Br 148 ruling against Justice Dept arrest of Trillanes proves Yellowtards and commies wrong again!

The decision of the court not to arrest “senator” AntonioTrillanes is a slap on the face of the senator and those who keep saying the courts are being run by people subservient to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The Opposition will be at a loss on what to say – whether to celebrate the independence of the court or not.

This also puts the spotlight on the International Criminal Court (ICC) which the Yellowtards are conning into meddling in Philippine domestic affairs. The ICC venture into the Philippine scene was premised on the notion created by the Yellowtards that the Philippines’ criminal justice system is incapable of fairly processing and acting on cases initiated within its framework.

If there is a bloc of poltical chatter that is undermining the Philippines’ sovereignty, it is the Yellowtards, stragglers of a bygone era in Philippine politics when “Opposition” necessarily meant subversion and even rebellion against the government. The Yellowtards have failed to evolve their “movement” and make it in step with the modern situation in the Philippines. And this is Filipinos are no longer betting on the Yellow “Laban” political brand. It has been rendered obsolete.

Inter-Parliamentary Union inquiry into Trillanes treatment by Ph government should be IGNORED

The presumptuous nature of a reported plan by the Geneva-based Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to investigate the Philippine government’s management of the case against “senator” Antonio Trillanes should not be taken sitting down.

The group noted Trillanes showed photos and videos of him filing his amnesty in 2014, “debunking the President’s claim.” It also said that “Filipino parliamentary authorities have not responded to IPU requests for information and to its concerns.”

First of all, photos and videos don’t constitute evidence that will be admissible in any decent court. Second, the Philippine government is under no obligation to respond to inquires originating from a foreign organisation into its internal affairs.

The ICU should butt out of Philippine internal affairs and the Yellowtards who encourage this intervention called out as traitors.