WTF?! Convicted mutineer Antonio Tillanes teaching at the Ateneo??

So let us get this straight. After endangering the lives of thousands of Filipinos and destroying private property using military resources he was entrusted with, the two chi-chiest universities of Katipunan Road are now rewarding former “senator” Antonio Trillanes with a plum teaching job. That’s according to recent news reports

Trillanes said that he would be teaching public policy at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and a yet to be determined class at the Ateneo de Manila University.

The senator said he would be living a “more relaxed life” as an academic, compared to being a senator who was a stanch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Gee whiz.

“Public policy” no less.

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Trillanes doesn’t even know what being a democrat even means, as BBC journalist Stephen Sackur reveals! So what kind of public policy will he be espousing before the elite set of today’s youth?

One wonders what sort of stuff Trillanes will be teaching at the Ateneo. Rabid Yellowtardism 101? I don’t think Ateneans need to be lectured on an ideology they already live and breathe — more so considering just one unit at the Ateneo attracts enough fees to feed a small Filipino family for one month. But then that’s pretty much the key subject Trillanes is qualified to teach!

Chalk one up for perverse selective credentialism on exhibit today in the academe of the Katipunan. Hiring a convicted felon into the faculty of these esteemed institutions of learning would have been funny if it weren’t so disturbingly ironic.

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