Activists are ABUSING Filipinos’ tolerance for people who differ to the norm

Activists preaching “tolerance” seem to be such experts on how people ought to feel. They contradict themselves when they dismiss the feelings of ordinary people whose space is being encroached upon by those whose feelings they selectively defend. They say certain “rights” are being violated when certain people feel they are not being “accepted”.

You “activists” should reflect first on just how inconsistent your advocacies are.

You talk so much about your rights, but what about the rights of women and girls to feel safe and secure while in a vulnerable state, half-naked doing their private business in a public toilet? I guess you didn’t think about that.

Who are you to tell others there is nothing to be afraid of? We don’t know everyone we encounter in public. How do I know what’s going on in everyone’s heads?

Some Like It Hot, Tootsie and Mrs Doubtfire. These are just a few Hollywood movies showing how straight men can dress up and pretend to be women and still have desires for women. It can happen in real life. Male predators can dress up as women and use the women’s public toilets.

How come people with acrophobia, claustrophobia and other phobias are generally understood but people with fear of being sexually assaulted by perverts in public toilets are being labelled “bigots”? Fear is normal. It is our way of protecting ourselves from potential threats.

Don’t presume to be the judge of what feelings are right or wrong. Everyone has a right to harbor feelings about any situation they find themselves in. We don’t have to like one another. We only owe one another respect, and that is only if everyone agrees that respect is earned when we all acknowledge everyone’s equal responsibilty to uphold community standards in shared spaces.

Liberal snowflakes have WEAPONISED lifestyle choice

The latest circus surrounding transgenders’ and cross-dressers’ “right” to use female restrooms has highlighted the unintended consequences of militant liberalism. It brought to the fore the consequences of personal lifestyle choices that impact the broader community.

This is ironic because liberals espouse respecting people’s personal choices. However, they lost the plot along the way when they turned that notion into a sacred cow. They forgot that the outcomes of one’s personal choices become intrusions when they impact the personal spaces of people who, not for any choice available to them, are engaged in more conventional lifestyles.

This is also unfair on people who have made unconventional lifestyle choices but opt not to define their identity by those choices. Many prefer to quietly adapt their lifestyles to the existing conventions of the mainstream. They then become victims of the more flamboyant, noisy, and whiny members of their communities who presume to speak for them.

We should therefore start being a bit more circumspect with “advocacies” turned into dogma by militant “activists”.

Why is there an Anakbayan presence at De La Salle University but none at the Ateneo?

It’s hard to rest easy when you know communist front organisations are on the prowl for fresh blood in the Philippines’ school campuses. According to testimonies in a recent Senate hearing, much of this recruitment happens outside of that tony circle of elite chi chi schools like the Ateneo de Manila and the De La Salle schools. It seems, these two schools have somehow remained relatively immune to the communist infestation ravaging other institutions of learning. One wonders if there is something about security guidelines in those two schools that sets them apart from all the rest.

Why, for example, is there no Anakbayan chapter at the Ateneo? Interestingly, enough, there is one operating at the De La Salle University. Does this mean the Ateneo, on account of not having an Anakbayan infestation, is even more chi chi than DLSU? On Facebook, Anakbayan DLSU calls itself Anakbayan Vito Cruz — perhaps to assert coverage of its operatives over both DLSU and St Scholastica’s College (a school known, not surprisingly, for its militant student body) on the other side of Taft Avenue.

Could it be that parents of Ateneans exert more pressure on school administrators to ensure their kids are safe from communist recruitment? Note this chilling excerpt from the About page of Anakbayan Vito Cruz describing their organisation as being “open to all Filipino youths (ages 13-35 yrs. old) as long as they are willing to actively uphold the Program of the Organization.”

From thirteen years old. It seems Anakbayan include minors in their recruitment operations. These are then expected to “uphold the Program of the Organization”. Nowhere in its About page (as of this writing) does it require parental consent when it comes to its regard for minors. Chilling indeed. Kudos to the exceptional foresight of the administration of the Ateneo for locating its campus far away from the epicentre of militantism at Manila’s “University Belt” and, seemingly, applying strict guidelines around the types of organisations allowed to operate within it.

According to @TeddyCasino front organisations like Anakbayan don’t recruit for the New People’s Army

Teddy Casino reportedly clarified that communist front organisations like Anakbayan recruit members to involve them in their activist campaigns supposedly related to student and national “issues”.

“Malinaw sa mga charters ng mga ‘yan ay ang nire-recruit nila ay mga kasapian nila para ipaglaban ang iba’t ibang isyung pang-estudyante at pambayan. Ngayon, if it so happens na ‘yung ilang kasapian nila ay nagdesisyon na magrebelde at mamundok, ibang usapin ‘yun,” he said.

…which leads one to wonder what exactly that “ibang usapan” means.

It is important to note that in nowhere in his statements does Casino categorically assert that (1) Anakbayan is not affiliated with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) or that (2) he denounces the activities of its terrorist arm, the New People’s Army (NPA).

Indeed, the key insight in this report on Casino’s statement is not what he said but what he didn’t say.

This, it seems is a communication trick he consistently applied not just in his press releases but also on social media…

At some point, a truly switched on journalist should ask Casino all the right and all the confronting questions — and expect categorical answers.

Anti-government “activists” spotted VANDALISING public property!

A video posted on Facebook featured a number of youthful “activists” spray painting anti-government graffiti on a pillar of an elevated highway.

Terms being splashed on the surface included “Oust Du30” and “Du30 supot!”

Offenses related to vandalism attract hefty fines in the Philippines. An example is an existing ordinance in Bacolod City…

It provides penalties for such violations, which include a fine of P1,000 for the first offense, P3,000 for the second offense, and P5,000, plus imprisonment of not less than 30 days, but not more than six months, depending on the gravity of the infraction, to be determined by the court, for the third offense.

For violators aged 15 and below, civil liability will be shouldered by the parents, but those 15 to 18 years old, will be made to restore the property and be required to render service to the school, if enrolled, or render community service to the barangay, the ordinance further stated.

Street “activists” have long been notorious for the impunity they exhibit whilst defacing public property. Most notorious amongst them are communist elements in campus organisations like Anakbayan.

It’s high time Rule of Law be applied consistently to all Filipinos rich or poor.

“Activists” attending protest rallies in this year’s #SONA2019 should LISTEN

Protest rallies are meant to encourage their participants to make noise rather than listen. This is unfortunate because most real learning happens when listening and not when one is talking.

It is therefore ironic that the very mobs who issue shrill cries that “press freedom” is “dead” are the very ones who would engage in an activity the aim of which is to drown out the most important voice in any country — that of its head of government.

Activists parrot slogans uncritically and hardly ever pause to deeply understand what they are actually saying.

In essence, “activists” come to their rallies with pre-set mindset and no capacity to apply critical thinking. This is evident in the slogans they have locked into in their protest paraphernalia. They come to chant slogans and generally act in the manner scripted for them by their “thought leaders”.

As such, it is interesting that these “activists” now criticise Filipinos who voted for current President Rodrigo Duterte as being “stupid” in their choice.

Who appointed Maria Ressa and Amal Clooney as WORLD authorities on what is “true”??

According to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, her new lawyer, celebrity “human rights” campaigner Amal Clooney, is the final say on what is and isn’t true and what is and isn’t factual information.

One wonders though, by what authority do these two ladies presume to declare what is true or false and what is information and “misinformation”. Are they today’s modern dictators who can summarily declare who are the “truth sayers” and who are the liars?

This is the sort of sense of entitlement that lost these so-called “activists” their credibility and gave their otherwise noble advocacies bad names.

For that matter, Ressa needs to decide whether she is a “journalist” or an activist. You can’t be both. The earlier requires that you be a disinterested observer and the latter requires one to be a monomanic rabid crusader.

Philippine Opposition focus on foreign policy is not winning over Filipino voters

There are so many pressing problems in the Philippines today that directly affect the majority of the population. Some people are focusing too much on China and making it look like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency is a failure just because they don’t agree with his foreign policy.

This is a dishonest position to take as the only fair way to evaluate an administration is to view it over the full range of initiatives and activities it is engaged in. The fact that the entirety of the key Opposition coalition suffered a catastrophic defeat in this year’s elections attests to the reality that a large swathe of the Philippine public’s concerns were not addressed by the Opposition campaign rhetoric.

The continued focus of Opposition chatter on foreign policy, whilst an easy target because it lends well to glib simplification into lame sound bytes, simply does not resonate with ordinary Filipinos. This is the reason there is a big gap in the Opposition’s understanding of what will move Filipinos and a source of the frustrations they experience in their efforts at inciting “mass action”.

The Mentally-colonial “activism” of Joma Sison and Maria Ressa

What the heck has happened to Filipino “activism”? It’s become so schizophrenic and confused that it is now beyond all recognition. The country’s foremost “activists” are now rabidly and desperately calling for foreign intervention. Even top Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) honcho Joma Sison is calling for no less than the United States to come to the rescue of their hapless “proletariat”. ABS-CBN News reports that “Sison says US could order arrest of ‘traitor’ Duterte”…

“Without firing a single shot, the US can easily instruct its following within the military and police forces under Duterte to take him into custody as a traitor and to install vice president Robredo as the constitutional successor,” Sison said in a statement.

This position of the Philippines’ top commie runs counter to the sloganeering infrastructure of the vast community of university campus “cause oriented groups” infested by his own comrades.

c.2015: UP ‘activists’ denounced the ‘US-Aquino’ regime…
c.2018: Same slogan, different president.

This is the reason why Filipino “activists” — specially the communist variety amongst them — have lost all credibility. Indeed it is quite dishonest of them to be blaming everything that they think is “wrong” in the Philippines on anything or anyone other than themselves.

Sison has joined his pal Rappler CEO Maria Ressa in what had become the prevalent intellectually-dishonest “activist” approach of the 21st Century: Mentally-colonial “activism”.

COSMOPOLITANISM better describes the notion of “liberalism” at the centre of snowflakes’ virtue signalling

Nesrine Malik nailed it in his Guardian article “Feel smug about western democracy? The G20 summit should make us reconsider” when he wrote how “the everyday sort of liberalism” we see being bandied around by “activists” is “probably better described as cosmopolitanism”.

The kind that makes you look around your diverse locality, the quiet tolerance of the majority and think that all is well. Not the kind of liberalism that is borne out by polls showing that there is increased acceptance of immigration or LGBT people. Or the liberalism of technical democracy, where we still elect leaders in free and fair(ish) elections. This is corporate campaign liberalism, new Arsenal kit launch, urban fist-bumping liberalism.

An even more spot-on term right there: “corporate campaign liberalism”. Reminds us of that ill-thought-out Gillette ad circus that was nothing short of an epic embarassment to the industry.