The latest “woke” activist fashion statement is to repeatedly tweet “DUTERTE DUWAG”

As demonstrated by Chief Yellowtard Economist JC Punongbayan in this tweet, the imagination and creativity applied by the Yellowtards to their “activism” does not amount to much.

Him and a few others (look through the thread that that the above tweet links to) are having a go and it seems to be a the latest “woke” thing amongst the fashionistas of the Philippines’ chattering classes. Is this the limit of the extent to which the Yellowtards can apply themselves to their “cause”?

Perhaps therein lies the whole problem with today’s “opposition”. They continue to fail to offer alternatives and, instead, seek to simply undermine to no productive ends.

Yellowtards should walk their TALK and organise their next MASSIVE street protest!

The Yellowtards of late have been longingly following the events in Hong Kong as millions of its people take to the streets in an impressive display of people power to protest a plan to allow Beijing to extradite its citizens to the mainland. While there is much lament being expressed on social media about how Filipinos have lost the same fervour now being exhibited by their neighbours, there seems to be little motivation to mount a similar initiative considering how convinced they are of the righteousness of their cause.

Judging from the volume and shrillness of their laments, one would be led to believe that a critical mass of outrage against the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has achieved enough critical mass to support such a stunt. Indeed given too that they supposedly have the support of the Communist Party of the Philippines and their vast network of satellite university campus “cause oriented groups”, there would be no reason why they wouldn’t be confident that they’d succeed at marshalling the numbers to the effort.

And yet they don’t.

People Power Envy: Hong Kong’s activists show Filipinos how it’s done.
(Source: AFP)

Perhaps that says something about both their approach to engaging the public and, more importantly, the nature of the actual support from the broader public they command. The Yellowtards need to brush up on their Democracy 101 and get back to the drawing board to craft a real strategy to win in their chosen form of government.

Yellowtards watch green with ENVY as Hong Kong people power delivers!

The way a noted Yellowtard “thought leader” put it encapsulates the sentiment of the Philippines’ political “Opposition” community at the moment.


The trouble with these bozos is that they fail to realise they are comparing apples to oranges. Hong Kong’s activists are rallying against a regime that is anathema to their way of life — an authoritarian communist empire that is progressively dismantling the democratic free market society Hong Kong once was.

The Hong Kong government has suspended plans to allow extraditions to mainland China following days of street protests.

On the other hand, the Philippines’ democratic institutions and free market economy are doing just fine. In fact, the Opposition had recently suffered a catastrophic loss in a national election — effectively an absolute referendum that validates the mandate of the current government of President Rodrigo Duterte to continue what it is doing.

The real imperative here, as far as the Yellowtards are concerned, is to reflect why they fail to win the confidence of the Philippines’ voters. Focus on that and perhaps they will do better in the next elections and get what they want legally.

The mystery of why Filipino communists such as @LFSPhilippines would be in “solidarity” with Hong Kong activists

Isn’t the League of Filipino Students (LFS) a communist front? Indeed, it is therefore quite baffling that they’d stand in “solidarity” with Hong Kong activists who are rallying against their comrades in the mainland.


The League of Filipino Students stands in solidarity with thousands of Hong Kong protesters, majorly led by students, in their fight against the proposed reading of pro-Beijing Hong Kong administration’s Extradition Bill.

In his Message to the League of Filipino Students on the Occasion of Its 25th Founding Anniversary, Joma Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) had this to advise to its his young comrades…

You must strive to consolidate your ranks through studies, tasking of members and checking their work. Consolidation leads to immediate and long-term expansion. In fact it means you expand the number of the most conscious and most militant members. As part of consolidation, the current pool of members is also required to recruit new members.

Inconsistent ‘activism’: The Philippines’ foremost activists like the left-leaning Inday Espina Varona and Tonyo Cruz come across as elitist even as they supposedly champion issues important to the masses.

Why would communists oppose their own motherland’s consolidation of their own authority over an outpost of capitalism — an affront to their state ideology — that they had tolerated for almost a hundred years? The People’s Republic of China, after all, is a communist state. One would expect that Filipino communists would be aware of that fact.

The astounding inconsistency of the “activism” of Filipino communists as evident in the baffling position its front organisations like the LFS would take is why they continue to fail to redeem their lost credibility.

Philippine Opposition suffering from acute Hong Kong Envy

Pity the “thought leaders” and “activists” of today’s Philippine Opposition. Their camp could no longer win elections and, to add insult to that injury, are also now incapable of mounting their trademark crime — ousting presidents illegally.

All they could do now is watch, green with envy, as the residents of Hong Kong take to the streets in protest of an extradition law being implemented by Beijing.

A Yellowtard’s wet dream unfolds on Hong Kong’s streets.

Like all things once noble, the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards supposedly “invented” people power back in the 1980s then proceeded to then it into a sad joke. Perhaps it is fitting that they now are forced to witness this “invention” being used productively somewhere else.

“Woke” Filipinos who oppose mandatory military training should be ashamed of themselves!

Even then Princess Elizabeth did her bit to contribute to the war effort. As a young woman, the future Queen of England was a qualified mechanic and driver of heavy vehicles.

Today’s “woke” “activists” for their part issue shrill cries of outrage over proposals to mobilise millions of young Filipinos to the service of the nation. They preach about sacrifice and even dying for their country but, unlike Elizabeth, fail to walk their talk when called into the very service they pontificate about.

What is even worse is that they make demonisation of the Filipino soldier and police officer a cornerstone of their flaccid “activism”.

The Philippines has become truly INDEPENDENT under President Rodrigo Duterte

Several generations of “activists” have, in their now characteristically-shrill manner, decried the persistence of “US Imperialism” despite being granted “independence” more than 70 years ago on the 4th of July, 1946. What seems to fly above their pointed heads is that the beginnings of a true freedom from “US Imperialism” had actually begun under the leadership of current President Rodrigo Duterte.

Under Duterte, the Philippines had pivoted away from the agenda of its former colonial master and embraced the Asian community within which it truly belongs. The success of this pivot is evident in the shrill stink being raised by Old Guard “activists” who see themselves as the traditional owners of “dissent” in the Philippines’ political discourse.

For the proponents of “people power” activism (the activist axis consisting of the Yellowtards and the Roman Catholic Church) and “revolutionary activism” (the activist sub-culture consisting of communists and their vassals in campus “progressive” organisations), the pivot away from the United States seems to have induced a bizarre separation anxiety. We see this today in how they now desperately cling to the West and, worse, their traditional media for intellectual validation.

When it comes to the crunch, today’s Opposition would rather contradict their own fundamental principles than evolve in a more sustainable manner to be in touch with the pulse of the Filipino public. This has severely cost them — an entire nation lost over two elections in a row.

Legislating against cat-calling absolves Filipino parents of teaching their boys not to cat-call

The whole problem with men according women the respect they deserve is a problem of upbringing. Most adults are products of their upbringing. Raise them to be disrespectful and they grow up disrespectful.

Indeed, implementing a law that specifically targets cat-calling completely misses the point.

For one thing, the act of cat-calling as being disrespectful is debatable to begin with. Some women find it offensive. Others find it flattering. Those who do find it flattering have to live in silence with that unpopular opinion in the snowflake society we see today.

Second, cat-calling, from the perspective of it being supposedly “disrespectful”, is just a small component of a larger landscape of ingrained lack of respect in Philippine society. No statistics are readily available, but I’d hazard a guess that people who habitually cat-call are also people who are predisposed to litter and piss on public walls and streets. The point is, creating an ethic of respect for others is an initiative that is a lot more complex than simply pandering to snowflake “activism”.

The new law to penalise cat-calling will simply drive the behaviour underground and will not solve the real problem which is Filipino parents not doing enough to teach their kids to habitually do the right things.

Opposition “not giving up fight”. But THAT is exactly why they are losing!

Ironic that the call amongst supporters of the Opposition in this last day before the polling booths open is to “continue the fight”. What flies way above their pointed heads, however, is the fact that it is this very notion of a “fight” that lost them an entire nation yet again to begin with.

Indeed, there is no longer any “fight” to be had. What lies ahead is a job Filipinos need to do together to build a strong nation.

The trouble with the Yellowtard-led Opposition is that they chose to mount a campaign premised on tearing down the Philippine government. This is a notion that has long been obsolete. The Philippines is now a mature democracy and is on a path towards sustained economic growth — if Filipinos work together.

The Yellowtards, however, prefer that the Philippines remain a deeply-divided society and be perpetually locked in a fight. Not surprising considering the word Laban, Tagalog for “fight”, is deeply-ingrained in their partisan identity.

It is, indeed, quite reassuring that Filipinos no longer buy into the Yellowtards’ horseshit and are set to express this continued protest against the status quo being propped up by the traditional oligarchs that bankroll the Yellowtards’ “fight”.

When you’re with the Yellowtards you’re a “Netizen”, otherwise you are a “troll”

Trust the renowned Reverse Midas Touch of the Yellowtards to turn an otherwise benign term such as “Netizen” into a concept associated with self-entitled millennial snowflake brats. That is exactly what they did in being baldly selective with how they brand anyone who dares criticise or challenge Yellowtard orthodoxy.

When a social media user toes the “liberal” Yellowtard or communist line, that user is a “Netizen” and enjoys a high chance of getting generous citations in various “reports” all over mainstream media — specially “social news network” Rappler where the idea of “journalism” is a nebulous vibe crafted to suit the political and personal agendas of its CEO Maria Ressa.

And the rest of the lot? They are “trolls”. So anyone deemed disagreeable by the chi chi “thought leaders” of Yellowtardom gets summarily slapped that label — a convenient one that erstwhile attracted social stigma.

Not anymore though. The term “troll”, like that other favourite snowflakes’ bogeyman “Fake News” has been dropped too often that it has been rendered meaningless and is now regarded as just a quaint Yellowtard punchline. We all have to thank the astounding inconsistency with which the Yellowtards apply their “principles” to their sophomoric “activism” for that.