#JunkTerrorBill “activists” oppose but propose NO alternatives

What I still don’t get about those arranging the Mananita and the more prominent groups supporting it is this, if they are so concerned about provisions in the Anti Terror Bill, why don’t they submit or propose the correct wording the remove ambiguity, concern, vagueness and increase safeguards as provided?

Are they so afraid that their inability to provide such changes will show the actual lack of substance to their cause?

We are all against abuses of those in power. We are all against Terrorism. Yet why is their DEFAULT setting to just go AGAINST anyone in power for whatever SLIGHT they seem to feel?

It doesn’t change with whatever administration. Cory, Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo, PNOY and now Duterte. Then, now or later… it won’t change. They will always be vehemently against something or everything. Is it so they can justify their existence? Is it their sole purpose to cause discord?

I am for not bowing down to what the other person says is “good for you”. That’s fine. But that should move just beyond a simple FOR or AGAINST, a YES or NO. We all have VOICES. Yet their VOICES only seem to be used to OPPOSE, not to HELP. Not to AID. Not to GROW. Only to SOW DISCORD.

It has been tiring to see it in the PAST. Can’t people see their METHODS are FRUITLESS?


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