Angel Locsin #CommunityPantry fiasco highlights the indolence of the Filipino poor

He wishes for anarchy. ABS-CBN starlet Angel Locsin’s (a.k.a. Red Angel’s) community pantry fiasco yesterday shows the indolence of the Filipino poor. Aasa sa bigay. Opposition “thought leader” Cocoy Dayao’s dream is for Pinoys to go out in the streets and demand that Duterte step down before May 2022.

Community pantries actually is anarchy-light. Because the Duterte government failed to provide for Filipinos. People are hungry. I’m surprised there isn’t any rioting in Manila’s streets— thank God for that. Are we going to wait for full blown anarchy?

This is why community pantries are agitation propaganda (agit-prop). Red Angel sure fcuked it up for them yesterday. There is nothing wrong with pantries with good intentions of the apolitical kind. What’s bad is when it is politicized as a protest against government’s pandemic response.

The government can’t afford to subsidize every citizen. The rich should open their wallets in one way or the other. Education is already free up to the tertiary level. Universal healthcare is a law. The economic managers have taxed the hell out of sin products. The tax reforms proposed by the Department of Finance (DOF) have been passed. Implementation is another thing and this where government structural reforms are essential.

The Yellows and Reds are good for agit-prop but up to now with the election drawing near, they still don’t have a platform to present to the people. All they can do is say “vice president” Leni Robredo can do it better. But take a closer look and you will realize that in the past five years, not one of Robredo’s projects have been scaled to the point it has become institutionalized. Panay umpisa lang.

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