Leni Robredo is hindering efforts to ERADICATE the Philippines’ jeepney CANCER

Virtue signalling has long been the bane of any effort to implement initiatives that help the Philippines progress and prosper. Specially true nowadays is how that and its evil twin, emotional blackmail, conspire to slow or, worse, reverse the country’s march to progress. Nowhere is the battle between wokedom’s lame emotionalism and the sort of modern thinking befitting a 21st Century society bitterly fought than on the issue of The Jeepney.

Embodying the lameness of wokedom’s melodrama is Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo. “I am not against modernization, pero sa akin lang, to push that at this time and in this manner is very unfair to the jeepney drivers and operators na hindi pa kayang mag-modernize,” she tells ANC.

Boo hoo hoo, kawawang mga jeepney driver.


How about kawawang mga Pinoy?

Jeepney drivers don’t represent Philippine society. If they did, their communist “labour leaders” would be warming Senate seats by now.

Rather, jeepneys symbolise everything that is wrong with Philippine society. Thus it is hardly surprising that Robredo who, herself is Filipino dysfunction embodied, is in a love-in with these vermin.

It’s time Filipinos wake up from woke drivel and take back their country from the clutches of woke emotional blackmail. Jeepneys are a disease that need to be eradicated. The time is now.

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