The Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards are exploiting #coronavirus panic to #oustDuterte and seize power

Rather than work towards uniting Filipinos towards a more level-headed approach to dealing with the developing problem surrounding the latest viral outbreak, the Yellowtards are sowing panic and pinning blame for this panic on the Philippine government. The agenda here is quite clear as has been evident in other panic fads incited by the Yellowtards in the past. Their goal is to seize power at all costs — even at the cost of throwing Philippine society into chaos.

Worst of all, the Yellowtards are making Filipinos racist and are just short of recommending that concentration camps be put up to quarantine people of Chinese descent. And to think these are the very bozos who use the Hitler Argument whenever making crack about the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

A time of crisis like this is a time for careful consideration of options and calming the public so that people do sensible things. The last thing Filipinos need is a genocidal attack on a minority community such as what happened in Indonesia in the aftermath of the 1997 currency crisis when that country’s ethnic Chinese residents fell victim to mobs of angry people.

The Yellowtards are a grossly irresponsible lot and Philippine politics should be purged of their ideological cancer. Filipinos deserve better than a Yellowtard-led Opposition.

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